Kristine Johnson

Kristine Johnson, a future anchor and journalist, was born on 5th June in the year 1972. She drew the first breath in Angeles City, Pampanga, Philippines. She was born in a mixed family of a Swedish American (who was her father) and a Filipino mother.


However, the future journalist moved to the United States, where she obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Arts after the graduation from the University of Nebraska. Despite her major, she also obtained numerous English in such subjects like English, history, and political science.

Career Experience

Kristine Johnson obtained the first working experience at the WPRI, where she joined right after the graduation. That channel is based in Providence, Rhode Island as well as it is affiliated with CBS, and she worked both as a reporter and as an anchor there. After the following move to the NBC, where Kristine Johnson worked for the “Early Today” program on the position of an anchor, her career started to enormously progress and she got a chance to enjoy real fame and recognition. Meanwhile, the journalist also worked as an anchor for the “First Look” program of the MSNBC. In one of her programs which took place on 20th October in the year 2006, however, Kristine Johnson made a statement that she was going to leave the channel.

The autumn of 2006 brought her even more success after Kristine Johnson joined the WCBS-TV, the main station of the CBS Television Network which is based in New York City. After the journalist joined the channel, she got a chance to present a big number of breaking news and became famous throughout the United States and overseas. In particular, she outstanding covered the news concerning the Hurricane Sandy and what was following after it. At that time, the journalist spent over 12 hours each day in the channel anchoring the news. Moreover, Kristine Johnson has covered a number of other outstanding events and happenings, such as Boston Marathon Bombing, shooting at the Newton’s (Connecticut) Sandy Hook Elementary School, which almost paralyzed the country, the Hudson’s miracle landing, the visit of Pope Benedict to the Big Apple, and others. Furthermore, the journalist prepared coverage of the anniversary of the World Trade Center Bombing, which took place in 2001, and there were present the former President George W. Bush and the President Barack Obama.

After all, Kristine Johnson appeared in numerous movies and TV shows. She was an anchor or a co-anchor of such shows like “Elementary”, “Person of Interest”, and “The Talk.” In addition to it, Kristine Johnson is recognized not only as a journalist, but also as a producer of newscasts, reporter, and associate producer. For her work of the producer, she was nominated for an Emmy.

Besides, the journalist also decided to start a career of the writer. However, her net worth is unavailable to the public up to date. Although, some unconfirmed sources point out that it is equal to $4 million.

Personal life

Kristine Johnson is married to Steve. Together with her husband, they live in New Jersey and have two children: a son, named Burke (born 2007), and a daughter, named Ava (born 2002).

She is also very active on Twitter, where she over 10 thousand followers.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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