Elizabeth Mathis

Elizabeth Mathis, then a future actress, drew the first breath in Detroit, Michigan. Too few facts are known about her private life. Thus, the information about her date of birth, age, and parents remains an unknown part of her biography to the public. However, it is known that she has had a very close relationship with her family.


At the beginning, Elizabeth Mathis studied at a local school in Detroit. Following that, she enrolled in the Northwestern University, located in Chicago, Illinois, where the future actress majored Communications and Business.

Career Experience

While the future actress studied at the school and was very young still, she took part in beauty pageant contests – 2 of them – and won one of them. Thus, she obtained the title of Miss Teen Michigan, but, however, she refused to go to the whole-American contest but proceeded to enroll in the university to study business.

However, before she started her acting career, Elizabeth Mathis had been a model for quite a while. At that time, a soon-to-turn-into-actress model has traveled throughout the world, including such countries as South Africa, Mauritius, some of the Caribbean Islands, Scotland, Germany, England, and other countries. Though later she decided to come back to New York and begin her career of the actress.

In 2001, she received a role of the first cheerleader in a quite popular sitcom under the title “What About Joan.” After the successful debut, the actress goes on and appears in such TV series like “Law & Order: Criminal Intent” and “Rescue Me”, and in both of them she featured in 2005. Later, she appeared in other numerous TV series. Even though she mostly played recurring roles in the TV series, she also starred in several movies like “I Think I Love My Wife” (2007), “Enchanted” (2007), where she played Tess, and “Unstoppable” (2010).

Moreover, exactly a movie, not a TV series, brought the most fame to her, and it was the movie under the title “Blue Crash 2” (2011) where the actress played the role of Pushy, one of the main characters. However, it was a real challenge for Elizabeth Mathis, since for playing that role she had to learn surfing, work over her dialect every day (in order to sound like a native citizen of South Africa), and take lessons of yoga and dancing every day in order to keep fit.

After the “Blue Crash 2”, the actress also appeared in “100,000 Zombies Heads.” There are no data concerning her net worth nor salary available.

Personal life

Elizabeth Mathis is a self-determined and career-oriented person, who prefers to keep her private life unrevealed to the public. Therefore, there is no information about any her boyfriend or, moreover, husband. Reportedly, the actress has never been married. However, Elizabeth Mathis has a child.

The actress fancies answering questions of her fans on the Facebook or Twitter. As for her page on the latest social network, she has over 3,000 followers.


The actress has starred in 8 TV series and 6 movies. Her latest roles include the role of a hot girl in the “Glory Daze” (2010), the role of a siren in the “TRON: Legacy” (2010), and her participation in the “Blue Crush 2” and “100,000 Zombie Heads”, as it was mentioned above.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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