Sukanya Krishnan

Sukanya Krishnan, then a future journalist and news anchor, was born on 2nd August in the year 1971. The future news anchor drew the first breath in Madras, India. However, she grew up in Staten Island, one of the districts of New York City.


While living in New York City, Sukanya Krishnan studied at the New Dorp High School. Besides, one of the classmates of her was Method Man, a famous rapper nowadays. Later, she majored Spanish at the Dickinson College, from which she graduated and obtained a Bachelor’s degree in 1993.

Career Experience

The day when she got employed by the WLIG-TV, a TV station based in New York, was a decisive one in her career, since exactly then, when she started to work for her internship, Sukanya Krishnan took a decision to pursue a career of the journalist. While being an intern, she had developed a set of important skills, such as editing news, various stories, appearing in the camera, writing, and shooting. Following Krishman’s internship, she became a reporter and a news anchor at the WHP-TV, a TV station affiliated with CBS and based in Pennsylvania’s Harrisburg. At the time of her work there, Sukanya Krishnan covered various events including the Pennsylvania’s floods that happened in 1996 and caused a natural disaster in the state and the Million Man March, which took place on 16th October in the year 1995 and aimed to promote the rights of black people.

In 1995, she also worked as a reported, news anchor, and producer of news broadcasts for the WUTR-TV, an affiliate of the ABC. However, a huge incentive to her further professional growth was her decision to join the WCBS-TV, the main TV station of the CBS, which happened in the summer of 1997. At the WCBS-TV, she worked on the post of general assignment reporter until 2001. During her career on TV in the 1990s, Sukanya Krishnan covered the top topics and reported breaking news, such as a cleanup of the Times Square by Rudolph Giuliani, proceedings concerning the impeachment of Bill Clinton, the beating of Abner Louima, and other events. Furthermore, Sukanya Krishnan participated in several TV shows, including her hosting of the “Home Delivery”, for which she had to leave her post of the reporter for two years.

In 2001, she became a news anchor of the news program under the title “PIX Morning News”, produced by the WPIX. Even though she left the channel in 2003, she returned and proceeded to work there in 2005. Since 2005, she has held a post of the morning news anchor. Sukanya Krishnan has also won several awards for her achievements in journalism, including several Emmies.

Even though she is a successful journalist, information about her net worth and salary remains unrevealed to the public.

Personal life

Sukanya Krishnan is in marriage with Eric Schroeder since 2007. Despite the fact that her wage information is not disclosed, Sukanya Krishnan likes to share news about her private life. In particular, she shared her feelings during the pregnancies and told viewers about her children. The couple has two children: a son, named Kiran, and a girl, named Shyla Alexy.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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