Sheila E was born in the year 1957 and this is her stage name while her really name is Sheila Escovedo and she is an American singer, percussionist, drummer and a song writer. She has collaborated with well known singers include Kanye West, Hanz Zimmer, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Gloria Estefan, Ringo Starr, George Duke, Lionel Richie, Bill Cobham and Prince.

Sheila E was born in the city of California and she is the daughter to the African American Juanita born as Gardere and she was a dairy factory worker and her father was percussionist Pete Escovedo and they performed together many times. She has Mexican Heritage and her uncle is called Alejandro Escovedo. She is the niece to Javier Escovedo who is the founder for the Seminal San Diego Punk act known as The Zeros. Her other uncle called Mario Escovedo, had fronted the indie running rockers called The Dragons. She is the niece to Coke Escovedo who lived in Santana and was in the band called Azteca. She has also a biological niece called Nicole Ritchie and she is the daughter to a musician brother called Peter Michael Escovedo.

Sheila E made the recording debut album together with the jazz bassist called Alphonso Johnson on the Yesterday’s Dream in the year 1976 when she was in the twenties. She had already played together with Diana Ross, Herbie Hancock, Marvin Gaye, Lionel Richie and George Duke. Prince met with Sheila E in 1978 and he told him that they were fighting about who is going to be her future husband. He also said that he wanted her to join his own band. They came together and they produced the recording session with Purple Rain. She also provided the vocals for the B-side called Let’s Go Crazy and Erotic City. Even if she started under the wing of Prince, she also became a successful singer on her own and she had a song that reached number 7 on hot 100 and it is called Glamorous Life. It was also on the top of the dance charts for over two weeks.

The video for this song; glamorous life lyrics led to three nominations for the MTV Award for the Best Female Video, Best Choreography and Best New Artist. She also sung The Belle of St Mark, She was in the Purple Rain Tour and this is where she was involved briefly with Prince but he was still the boyfriend of Susannah Melvoin.

Sheila E is not married but from her biography she dated many men and it includes Carlos Santana whom she was engaged to but they were not able to get married. She has also dated Prince but the relationship of many years did not lead to marriage. She did not get any child from any of the men she dated and her net worth is now over 12 million dollars.


Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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