Chris Raab is an American television celebrity having appeared in several movies and TV shows in his career. He is especially known for his work with the CKY production team. He has acted in several of their productions. He is also known for his performances in Jackass and Viva La Bam.

Some of the other productions that he has been a part of include Hotdog Casserole and Borrowed Happiness.

Early Life and Beginning of Career

Chris Raab was born as Christian Joseph Raab on May 21, 1980. His birthplace is Willow Grove in the state of Pennsylvania. He has a brother whose name is Jay Raab.

He did his schooling in Shippensburg, and he talks about his experience here in several of his performances. As a part of the CKY production team, he also made and performed a song that was titled Shippensburg and was about his tryst with the institution. He attended Shippensburg University, though he could not attend classes all the time due to his work assignment.

One of his earliest works was with the MTV production team. He made an MTV show in the vicinity of West Chester in Pennsylvania, which garnered a lot of attention. Filming of this show was majorly responsible for his poor attendance at the University.

Acting Performances

Chris Raab was a part of four CKY movies, titled CKY, CKY2K, CKY3, and CKY4. These ran on from 1998 to 2003 and established his name as a weird favorite for his scatological humor. He did some goofy stuff on these shows, including consuming laxative tablets and running in public. These performances were parts of the Viva La Bam MTV series at that time.

Later on, he tried to move away from MTV. He managed to do that with Jackass, a movie which he not only performed in but was also credited as a camera operator. Some of the other films that he did from 2003 to 2012 include Haggard, Hotdog Casserole, The Vampires of Zanzibar, Calendar Girl, The Perfect House, and Borrowed Happiness. After his predictable performances as a stunt comedian on the Viva La Bam series, these showed a different side of him to the audiences.

Personal Life

Chris Raab is known and often credited in his movies and TV shows with the moniker Raab Himself. This unique title was given to him by his longtime friend Bam Margera, who used to often introduce him by announcing, “And this is Raab, himself.” This name has become more popular than his actual name.

For a while, he was involved in a relationship with Ashlee Simpson, though they never went public on this. The rumors were that Ashlee Simpson wanted to keep the relationship a secret from her father and manager, who was incidentally also Raab’s manager. There were also speculations that they are married and that Simpson is his wife, but these were later found to be baseless. Right now, the couple is no longer linked together.

One of his quirks is that he always appears with a cap on. For some reason, he does not show his head. Also, for a while, he was confused as Matt Damon’s cousin because a still shot in a particular movie captioned him as Damon’s cousin. This is not true, however.

Presently, his net worth is believed to be $1 million.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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