Sage Steele

Sage Marie Steele was born on November 28, 1972 in the Panama Canal Zone. She works as an American television anchor who best known for being the co-host of the 6 PM broadcast of Sports Center on ESPN.

Broadcasting Career

Sage Steele is a pretty face you might come across on various channels like ESPN and ABC hosting sports shows like NBA Countdown. She is a television reporter that born in the Panama Canal Zone but brought up in The United States of America. She has also been a part of major sports shows like Sports Center and Sports Nation on ESPN. She was employed for the first time as a sports reporter with WSBT in 1995 as soon as she completed her graduation from her university.

Personal Life

Sage is a married woman with three wonderful kids. She is married to Jonathan Bailey, who once worked as a personal trainer. It’s not a mystery why Sage was attracted to Jonathan. Since her line of work includes sports, she is very drawn to men who are in great shape. She is exposed to men who have great physiques every day at work. She is not very fond of men who are out of shape because she understands that the potential that people can get to if they work hard on their bodies and live a healthy lifestyle. Jonathan was able to keep her interest because he never gave up on his work ethic. She could draw a lot of assumptions about someone’s life by the way they carry themselves and how they present themselves. Jonathan was a perfect fit for her because he checked all the boxes of what she wanted in a partner.

Sage and Jonathan went to Indiana University together. They met each other when one of her classmate introduced her to his roommate, Bailey. The meeting was the start of a love affair that would last for a very long time. In a time where most college students were trying to experiment and find multiple partners, Sage and Jonathan were locked into each other. They had no care to play the field or try to line up multiple suitors. They knew that they had already found their match when they started dating each other.

They were in a committed relationship for a very long time before they decided to take the next step by locking hands in marriage. She later admitted that she had a crush on him before they even started dating. When she was introduced to him, she was smitten right away. She tried to play it cool so that she wouldn’t look too easy but she was ready to get with him as soon as he made his move.

They are now a loving couple who lead a happy family life together with their three amazing children.


Healthy Living

Sage is a fitness freak too who has a personal gym at her home. Her husband’s previous profession as a personal trainer really motivated her to train her body. He taught her a lot of the tools of the trade. He taught her how she needed to rest her body in between exercises so that her body could fully recover. She also learned how to do exercises properly to avoid injury. The most important aspect she learned from her husband is how to combine exercise and nutrition.

She is almost as committed to her fitness routine as much as she is to her broadcasting career. Unlike a lot of people who dread having to work out, Sage loves it because it is an activity that she gets to enjoy with her husband. She is a strong and bright woman who is able to balance her family, career and personal fitness very well. She often tries to for her workouts after feeding her kids.

She also gets an assist from her friends. When Jonathan or Sage aren’t available to stay at home with their kids, their friends will come over to babysit. They are very appreciative of the fact that they have friends that will help when they are in need.

Cheating Controversy

Although Sage and Jonathan have been full of love and high spirits since their marriage, there had been some rumors about Sage’s affair with former basketball player and current sports analyst, Jalen Rose. This wasn’t the first time there were rumors about Sage’s possible infidelity, she was also linked with an unnamed athlete but the story turned out to be a rumor. When it comes to Jalen Rose, there are a lot of rumors about his dating life so Sage might have just been caught in the crossfire.  

There is a video on the internet that shows Jalen and Sage planning for a dinner without noticing that the camera was still on. That was when the rumors started. Jalen stated that it was not a date and just a friendly gesture. She stated that she had known Jalen for 15 years and they are good friends. She also stated that Jonathan was amused by how the media could create a rumor and a big deal out of two friends having dinner together. It was also stated that they did have a dinner together, but there were a lot of other friends with them. Since there are no concrete evidence about them being in an extra-marital relationship, there supposed relationship was considered to be just a false rumor. As a celebrity, there are some rumors of her dating her co-stars, but this never affected her married life. 

During an interview Sage was said to have flirted with Wes Walker, Patriots wide receiver, live on air and on the set. She was angry about this when her co-anchor brought this up on live in a show. She was upset and stated she was married. Her little secret for attracting people could be her fitness and her sizzling personality that lands her in different sticky situations every time. She is a beautiful woman that draws the eyes of many men but she is committed to only her husband.

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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