Rasheeda full name is Rasheeda Buckner-Frost and she is well known as Rasheeda as her stage name. She is a television personality, fashion designer and rapper of American nationality. She is also the businesswoman and a television personality in Atlanta, Georgia. She was the member of the teenage hip hop called Da Kaperz up to the year 2000 when she decided to launch the solo career. The fifth album called Certified hot Chick had been released in the year 2009 and she is a part of the duo called Peach Candy where she sings with Kandi Burruss who is a singer and a song writer of R&B.

From her bio record, Rasheeda started the career when she was still adolescent and she with two of her friends made the group of girls that came to be called Da Kaperz. They signed to the recording label of D-LO entertainment and she continues to work with the same recording label up to now. After one year, she decided to sign alone.

Her first album was called Dirty South & A Ghetto Dream and she released the album with D-Lo and Motown records. This album had guest appearance from Nelly and Re-RE, Thugz Nation and Pastor Troy. The album got some notoriety level and because of the success of the first single called Do It. She was able to be placed on the record of the Southern hip-hop genre.

Rasheeda is refined by her sound of the second album called A Ghetto Dream under independent release in the label D-Lo when he released Motor Records. The Ghetto dream featured assistance, bolder beats and faster rhythms with Lil Jon and the Eastside Boyz. In the year 2004, Rasheeda featured in Petey Pablo single called Vibrate and Nivea in the movie You Like It like That.

Her third album was GA Peach and she was paying the homage for her roots from Southern hip-hop. She was rapping to intimate lyrics which were combined with slow rhythm. She also featured in Complicated of Nivea.

Rasheeda’s fourth album was called Dat Type of Gurl and the album got too much success for the single song Got that Good that was featured by GA Peach. She reprised a certain number of the early work from GA Peach and she updated or remixed some of her old tracks.

She appears in the reality TV shows of VH1 called Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta where she appears with her manager and husband. She has a makeup like called Poiz Cosmetics and the accessories and apparel website called Imbossy.com. Her husband is Kirk Frost from D-Lo entertainment. They are parents of two sons, Karter and KY

Rasheeda has got the net worth of 600 thousands. Her first daughter is worth 200 thousand dollars. For her ethnicity, he was born from Trinidadian parents.

Last Modified: Apr 9, 2020

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