This woman is relatively unknown except that she is married to James Jesse Dupree. Her age is also unknown James Dupree is an entertainment celebrity. He is into music and business. He is also a guitarist, a TV personality and a songwriter. He was born on 22nd September, 1962 in Georgia, United States of America. He formed a music group to display his music skills in 1991 and the group is still active till today. Known as Jacky, this music group was led by him and he was also the guitarist. This group released an album in 1992. The album attained both critical and financial success as it went platinum. His trade mark in the group was a musical instrument which has a chainsaw as depicted in the song titled The Lumberjack.

He changed the name of the group to Jesse James Dupree & Dixie Inc in 2008. Under this new name, he released two musical videos titled Bite, Money Lovin’ and Speed.

Apart from his music, he also has a TV show that is known as Full Throttle Saloon. The show has enjoyed good broadcast for a number of years.

Business Interests

Due to the fact that he did not want to limit himself to the entertainment industry as a musician alone, he set up a record label, Mighty Loud Entertainment. The record label also doubles as a company to manage artists so as to help them build their talents. Some of the talents that he has successfully managed are Wayland, Babi, Mac and Nigel Dupree Band.

Aside the record label, he also went into the production of beverages that are alcoholic. He launched a company named Jesse James Spirit to handle that aspect of his business. The company is into the production of beer and whiskey.

If you are a musician and a businessman, it will not be out of order if you have a net worth of $4 million. That is exactly the worth of her husband, Mr Dupree.

Personal life

She lives with her husband in the US. They are blessed with three children. Both the husband and the wife are reputed to be extremely reserved. No wonder then that her bio is very scanty. Likewise, her hubby maintains a low profile despite his career which will always put him in the spotlight.

They have tried as much as possible to avoid any unnecessary scandal either sexually or financially. None of them is found to have any extramarital affairs. There are no records of any kids out of wedlock which makes their low profile life attainable.

They also have a son named Nigel Dupree. He tows the path of his father by going into music too. He is the owner and the band leader of Nigel Dupree Band. He is managed by his father. Like her husband, there is no social networking account that belongs to her. The couple gets the fun of their lives by maintaining a very low profile.

Considering this, it may be difficult to think of them as filing for divorce anytime in the future, although her husband is said to be difficult to deal with.

Last Modified: Mar 13, 2020

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