He was born as Joshua Thomas Radnor on July 29, 1974. He is an American producer, actor, screenwriter and director. The prolific actor was born in Columbus Ohio to Alan Radnor who was a lawyer and Carol Radnor (nee Hirsch) who was a school counselor. His parents also have two daughters, Joanna Radnor Vilensky and Melanie Radnor. He is known not to be married and have no children.


While growing up in Bexley in Ohio, he attended Columbus Torah Academy. The school was a Jewish school which gave him a background in Conservative Judaism. He later attended Bexley High School and Kenyon College. It was at this school that he had the first taste of acting as he was a member of the theatre department of the school. His performance on the theatre department got him a Paul Newman Award which he used to attend National Theater Institute in Waterford and have a semester training in acting.

He eventually bagged a B.A in Drama from Kenyon College in 1996. Four years later, he bagged a Masters Degree in Fine Arts from New York University in 1999. In between his Bachelor’s degree and his Masters Degree, he had training in Israel in 1997.


He started his professional acting career in Off Centre, a TV series by The WB. He was later replaced by Eddie Kaye Thomas before the series was officially aired. The Graduate, a Broadway stage display of a movie with the same title gave him his official acting debut along with other established actors and actresses like Alicia Silverstone and Kathleen Turner. 2004 saw him acting in The Paris Letter which was followed with How I Met Your Mother. The latter series ran for a period of 9 years between 2005 and 2014 alongside Neil Patrick Harris. It was surely the most successful role he has played to date.

After he has established himself in the field of acting, he decided to lay his hands on directorial aspect of acting. He got his debut here when he directed Happythankyoumoreplease. He had a dual role in this film as a star and writer. 1n 2012, he directed another film, Liberal Arts. He starred alongside Elizabeth Olsen in this movie.

This actor and director who has no wife definitely knows how to combine his skills to wow his fans both home and abroad with his successful movies and TV series.

Personal life

He is currently dating Marisa Tomei. In the past, he dated other two pretty ladies who are Lindsay Price and Julia Jones. There is no confirmation whether he settled down with any of his ex girlfriends. Because of this, there is no basis for the assumption that he ever got a divorce from any of his exes.

He is deeply involved in business whenever he is not acting. Some of his investments are restaurants, a Football Team in Columbus, a brand of Vodka as well as a perfume. According to a celebrity magazine, People With Money, his current net worth is estimated to be $245 according to the report published on Sunday, June 26, 2016

Last Modified: Apr 6, 2020

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