She was born as Sarah Brianne Blair on the 29th April, 1980 in Canada. She grew up in Canada before she migrated to United States of America. She is an actress by profession. This beautiful actress has charismatic eyes and bewitching smile that melts the hearts of her fans and brings smiles to their faces everyday. Despite the fact that her current age is 36, she is not married. There are no records of her parents.


She had her basic education in Canada up to high school. She was reported to be a brilliant student with her dedication to her academic works. It was while she was a student that she developed the interest in acting. At that time, she did not consider a career in acting as she focused primarily on having good grades.


This actress who is not married started her acting career in a movie titled The Baby-sitters Club. She was cast as Stacey McGill in that movie. She has thereafter featured in a number of TV series and movies taking the advantage of the fact that she has no children. In What About Brian, a comedy drama, she featured as Lisa B. she portrayed herself in Brave New World about 8 years ago.

When the TV series, The Unit, got to season 4, she was featured to portray Joss Morgan Grey. She followed up on this as she played a role in Las Vegas, a very successful movie.

This beauty has the following filmography: Cheery Falls, Small Town Saturday Night, Ball Don’t Lie, Quarantine 2: Terminal, Present Trauma, Toy, The Track, Carjacking, Something’s Wrong in Kansas and Down Dog.

Combining an astonishing physical beauty and extremely skillful asking, she has got millions of fans all around the world. No wonder then that her estimated net worth of millions is well deserved. How she is able to maintain her no husband status is something she handles perfectly well.

Personal life

When you are a skilled actress with extraordinary beauty, you are expected to be basking in spotlight using the social networking sites to good advantage by increasing your communication with your fans through posts and photos. This is not the type of life in the DNA of this actress. While she makes use of these media, it is not with the purpose of exposing her personal life.

Her personal life has remained 100% private. Apart from the measurements of her body that is well documented on the internet, there is no solid record about her love relationship. There are no records about present or past lovers which obliterates any idea of a spouse or divorce whether in the past or in the future. She has also been able to keep a good distance from scandal which is a rarity among many celebrities throughout the world. This is one of the hidden skills of the actress who has maintained perfect public life.

At present, she lives in, Los Angeles, California where she enjoys her fame and financial success by herself as nobody has been able to connect her with any boyfriend as well.

Last Modified: Apr 6, 2020

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