Charlene Harrison

Charlene Harrison was born on 25th November 1951 in Mississippi, United States. She was a big time philosopher since her childhood. She was raised amidst the cotton fields. She was the daughter of Robert Harris and Jean Harris. She also had a sibling named Ashley Robert Harris. She hails from the American nationality. From her very early days, she was deeply focused on writing and literature. During her early days, she wrote some poems about spirits and the teenage issues which may include adolescence, drug abuse and many forms of teen crime. She was graduated from Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee. She then began to write plays and novels and her first published novel was Sweet and Deadly.She then published the award-winning novel Aurora Teagarden, which was one of her best mystery series , which featured the life of a Georgia librarian. She was successful in publishing eight books in the series. By then she was feeling the call of an another territory, nd the result was the Lily Bird series which was printed in 2001. The series included Shakespeare’s Landlord Lily Bard Series 1, Shakespeare Champion Lily Bard series 2, Shakespeare Christmas lily bard Series 3, Shakespeare ‘s Trollop Lily Bard series 4,Shakespeare’s counsellor lily Bard series 5,Clariane Harris –the lily bard mysteries, and the lily bird’s Mysterious Omnibus. These series depicts the challenges faced by a girl in her battle for survival. But Charlaine realized that something was missing in her novels which failed to bring her the expected results. Then she revolutionized the history of literature by combining romance with fiction and broke all boundaries of limitations. The ultimate result was her Award winning creation, a Vampire love story “ Dead until Dark” which was the story of the Vampires trying to establish friendly relation with humans. The novel revolves around Sookie who was an waitress and who possessed special powers to read people’s thoughts. She fell in love with a Vampire named Bill Compton and the story revolves around the supernatural love story between a blood sucking creature and an ordinary girl with extraordinary powers. This romantic and unique love story set the literacy world on fire and was deeply appreciated by people of all categories. The series became so popular among the audience that a television series was produced in HBO channel based on it. She also portrayed her outstanding fictional skills in the mystery series named Grave Sight.

Moving on to her personal life, she was in relationship with her husband since 1978. Inspite of her husband Hal Schultzaving having some fertility issues, she still decided to be with him and they both got married in 1978. She is blessed with three children named Patrik Harris , Timothy Harris and Julia Harris. She loves to watch movies and her favourite hobbies are weight lifting and reading books. She is living happily with her husband , children and grandchildren and obviously not yet divorced or parted from her family in any way. Her present net worth is $10 million. Her biography is yet to be published.

Last Modified: Mar 13, 2020

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