Born on May 10, 1947, in Philadelphia situated in Pennsylvania, United States of America, Marion Ramsey spent most of her childhood days growing up in Philadelphia. Not much is known about her childhood and parents. There is no information available about her school or the college she graduated from. Her height is believed to be 5 feet, and 1 inch and she is said to be belonging to black ethnicity. She is said to have a very straightforward attitude and is said to be a humble person.

It is not known how her interest in acting was ignited, but the turning point in her career was when she got her debut role in the popular sitcom The Jeffersons in the year 1976 where she played the role of Tracy Davis. The show started broadcasting on CBS in the year 1976. The breakthrough in her career was when she was cast for the role of Cadet Laverne Hooks in the movie Police Academy in the year 1984. She then went to work in the sequels of this movie. The first sequel was Police Academy 2: Their First Assignment where she played Officer Laverne Hooks in the year 1985. The subsequent sequels where she played the role of Sgt. Laverne Hooks are Police Academy 3: Back in Training in 1986, Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol in 1987, Police Academy 5: Assignment Miami Beach in 1988 and Police Academy 6: City under Siege in 1989. She is also famous for playing a regular recurring role in the television series Cos in the year 1976.

In a career spanning around four decades, Marion has worked in several movies and television shows which includes Keep on Truckin’ in the year 1975, Family Secrets as Linda Jones in 1984, MacGyver in 1990, Beverly Hills, 90210 in 1991, Johnny Bago as Nurse Roberta Thompson in 1993, John Virgo: Playing for Laughs as Officer Hooks in 1993, Daddy Dearest as a cop in 1993, Maniacs as a hooker in 2001, Robot Chicken as Lavern Hooks in 2006, The Stolen Moments of September as Ms Henshaw in 2007, Lord Help Us as Doretha Jackson in 2007, Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! as Harriet in 2009, Return to Babylon as Barbara’s Maid in 2012 and DaZe Vol. Too (sic) – NonSense as Ms Thenusda Norbuckle in 2012.

She is also an appreciated Broadway singer and is known as a songwriter with songs like Satan’s Daughter for Gary Glitter credited to her name. She has also written several songs in collaboration with the famous composer Haras Fyre.

Marion Ramsey is believed to be secretive about her personal life owing to the fact that there is very less information about her personal life in media. There is no information about her being married to someone or having a husband. Similarly, it can’t be said that there is any news of a divorce or children. She is currently believed to be single. According to her biography, her net worth is not disclosed to the media.

Last Modified: Apr 6, 2020

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