George Stults was born on the 16th of August, 1975. He had his childhood in Green Mountain Falls in Colorado although he was born in Detroit, Michigan. He has a brother, named Geoff Stults. His brother is also an actor. He has no wife as he is not married. University of Southern Colorado offered him a wrestling scholarship in but decided to transfer to Whittier College to be with his brother while he was still not in senior class. That was the level of the bond between them.


Although he had the desire to pursue a career in wrestling and acting when he was in school, he did not start his career on this note. Rather, he started his career as a model. Luck shone on him when he was spotted having lunch on a fateful day by an agent. The agent gave him her card, and as they say, the rest is history.

He got his first acting role in 7th Angel, a TV series that had his brother as a regular before he became an actor. From the 6th season of this series to the 11th season, he became a regular just like his younger brother he played the role of Kevin on the series. In all, he had almost 120 appearances in the series.

In the TV section, he was featured in the ads for a fragrance known as Bora Bora in the early part of 2002. Randy Travis had him in his video titled Spirit of a Boy, Wisdom of a Man. Other ads that featured him are some commercials by K-Mart.

Taking his acting career a step further, in 1997 he acted in Night Skies. He followed up with Necrosis in 2010 as a demonstration of his acting ability.

His other works are What Lies Above, Super Capers: The Origins of Ed and the Missing Bullion, I’m Not Ready for Christmas and American Bandits.

With a height of 1.83 m, he is surely a tall actor.

Private life

When he is not on the set acting or involved in any ads or TV series, he can be seen hanging around with his brother. He confessed that he and his brother are still living in the same apartment that they were living before they came into acting and became celebrities. This also corroborated by the fact that he is not into social networking sites but prefers to live his live quietly.

He was also romantically involved with Heidi Androl. Heidi is also an American and she is into business and both of they started dating about 10 years ago.

He seems to be a cool guy as he is not reported to be involved in any scandal like most celebrities. His records also seem to be clean as there are no records of previous relationship before he started dating Heidi.

At present, he is single and he does not seem to be dating anybody now after he parted ways with Heidi. Despite his quiet lifestyle, he is reported to have a net worth of about $4 million. This singleness rules out the possibility of any divorce.

Last Modified: Apr 6, 2020

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