This high-profile woman who is working at one of the best media houses in the world surprisingly has no background records. Whether this is intentional or an error of omission is unknown. The only thing we know about her is that she is married to Brit Hume. Brit is an American and a seasoned journalist. Apart from absence of personal records, there is absolutely no information about her parents whether they are alive or not. She has not been said to have any siblings dead or alive which makes it more surprising.


Nothing is known about the educational background of this career woman. What is certain, though, is that she must have a very good education to attain to the post of vice president at Fox News. She may have a degree in Journalism or other related courses to qualify her for her post at Fox.


She works at Fox News Channel as Vice President and also the senior political analyst for the news station. This company is a cable and satellite news channel which is the property of Fox Entertainment Group, a subsidiary of 21st Century Picture. Her husband, Brit Hume, is also working at Fox News as a Political Analyst after working for more than two decades at Fox as an anchor for a show named Special Report.

She is also the Bureau Chief for Washington which is a testimony to her broadcasting talent.

While she has remained private about her life including her salary and net worth, Brit is believed to have a total asset estimated to be worth $4 million.

Private life

She is married to Brit Hume and they have three children: Virginia, Alexander and Louis. She lives with her family in USA jostling between work and family as any loving wife and mother will do.

She is not known to be involved in any affairs outside her marriage as there are no records to prove that. Also, her private and relationship lives are shrouded in secrecy. Consulting notable search engines will not prove any helpful. A search for her will turn up with no results, showing that she is not listed on these powerful online people’s databases making her to be more mysterious.

Another interesting thing about her private life is that she is a very emotional and empathetic woman. She displayed this when one of the sons of her husband from a previous marriage committed suicide some years ago. The son, Sandy Hume, was a product of previous relationship that Brit had with Claire J. Stoner. This great woman was by Brit’s side throughout the time he was mourning the loss of his son who was a successful journalist too.

Her low profile may be out of personal choice or out of the desire to keep a tight lid over her marital problems (if there are any). Whichever way, the issue of divorce is not her major concern now as there are no indications of such. In the future, it may be another issue if she is covering up some marital challenges which may later come to the surface.

Last Modified: Mar 13, 2020

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