Jesse James

Jesse James was a CEO for West Coast Choppers and it got closed in the year 2010. He became well known because he was in the relationship with the actress Sandra Bullock. He was born in the year 1969, in the city of Lynwood in California. He was dedicated to grow his company and got a chance of appearing at Monster Garage, a reality show. However, in the year 2010, it is the same year that there were rumors around about him cheating off his wife and his company went out of the business. Sandra Bullock asked for a divorce.

From his biography, Jesse James was born as Jesse Gregory James. His parents divorced when James was too young and he got raised by the father called Larry. He was antique dealer. While growing up, James had a hard childhood which was full of emotional and physical abuse gotten from the father. He said that he felt always scared and he did not get a chance of acting as a child.

The antique shop of his father was found near Harley-Davidson parts supplier and Jesse got interest into the motorcycles from the time he was too young. At the age of 7, the father bought a small dirtbike which he was riding everywhere and he cherished it. When he was not with his bike, he would work as a tinkerer. The father said that it may be a Tonka Truck, or legos, but he always had something to do. He would tear things apart to see if he can make them to look better in one way or another.

Jesse James went to La Sierra High School at Riverside in California. He was playing as star linebacker at the football team. He did graduate at a high school and went to Riverside community college. He was hoping to play in NFL sometime, but after an injury, he quitted to play and dropped out of the school.

He had been a fan of the alternative music for a long period and he became a bodyguard of hard-rock band slayer and of Soundgarden. While working as a bodyguard full time, James did not give up to his dream of working with motorcycle to earn a living. He would visit the custom motorcycle garages when he is not working, and he was convinced that the industry needed to improve.

In the year 1993, he fell off a stage and dislocated an elbow. This stopped him to work for some time. This is the time he decided to go into motorcycle building. He learned under Ron Simms.

Jesse James had been involved into many personal life controversies. He married first Karla, then an adult film actress Janine Lindemulder. His third wife was Sandra Bullock. Jesse James is also the name of a train and bank robber who was the leader of James Younger gangs. His death came at the age of 34. His defeat led to Jesse James festivals.

Last Modified: Mar 6, 2020

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