Matt Bonner

Matt Bonner’s full name is Matthew Robert Bonner. He is known as Red Mamba. He played as a professional basketball player but he is retired now. He was playing in college basketball under University of Florida. He then got chosen to join the Chicago Bulls at 45 overall pick in the year 2003 NBA draft. During his career, he played under Toronto Raptors and then under San Antonio Spur. While playing with these teams, he won NBA championships.

From his biography, Matt Bonner was born in the city of Concord in New Hampshire. He went to Concord High School and he helped his team to reach to the state championship. Bonner became a valedictorian while graduating.

He attended University of Florida on Athletic scholarship. He was playing in Florida Gators Men’s Basketball under Billy Donovan coach. In the four seasons, he was able to amass 1570 points, 778 rebounds with 165 three point field goals. He became first-team All Southeastern Conference selection and then Associated Press Honorable Mention for All-American.

Matt Bonner graduated with a bachelor degree and got honors in Business administration. He got Academic All-American of the year in 2002 and in 2003.

Matt Bonner got chosen at the 45th pick and joined Chicago Bulls during 2003 NBA draft. He got traded to join Toronto Raptors. However, they did not have a roster spot for him and was asked to go to play in overseas in order to hone the skills and was promised to join the team in the season that followed.

Bonner did sign to join Sicilia Messina in Italian League. Sicilia said that it is bankrupted within the season and did not pay the players. Even if most of the players decided to leave the team, Bonner continued playing and finished that year.

Toronto Raptors: During the year 2004, Bonner got one year contract deal under Toronto Raptors. He was the only rookie in Raptors who played all the 82 games in the seasons. Afterwards, Bonner did re-sign a two year contract with Raptors.

In 2006, Bonner was exchanged with Eric Williams for the second round draft pick and joined San Antonio Spurs. During the first season with Spurs, the team won the NBA championship.

When it comes to his personal life, Matt Bonner is married to Nadia with one daughter called Evangeline –Vesper Lynne Bonne and a son called August Bonner. He likes sandwich and he had a blog called The Sandwich Hunter: the Quest for the Hoagie Grail. He documents about the best sandwich in the world. While playing in Toronto Raptors, he got a name called Red Rockets and then he got named Red Mamba by Kobe Bryant. He has a net worth of 22 million dollars. He had got many awards including NBA champion, NBA Three Point field-goal percentage leader, Honorable Mention All-American among others.

Last Modified: Mar 6, 2020

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