Pedram Javaheri

Pedram Javaheri is well known as a weather reporter of CNN U.SA. In fact, the way he delivers weather report is really awesome and prestigious which frequently grabs attention of audience. He is very innovative and fluent while covering weather reports. He is able to deliver reports fluently in three major languages, namely English, Turkish and Persian. Pedram Javaheri was born on 24th May 1983, at Tehran. He spent his early childhood in Tehran and then his family moved to Washington, when he reached 10. He completed his schooling from Washington and then, entered the arena of Journalism after attaining degree in Broadcast Metrology.

Pedram Javaheri is highly popular among teenagers because he has shown a beautiful example of love to them. He married to his former girlfriend Kimberly Hardman being remaining away from any type of love affairs or other issues. He is loyal to his wife and loves her very much. His love story with Kimberley Hardman is also very interesting. He started dating her few years ago but their relationship is not reveled to the public. They have enjoyed their life, without bothering too much about people. Pedram never used his dating as a source of earning fame because he and Kimberly are faithful to each other. This is the main reason why he is not divorced till today, even after living in high society.

Kimberly Hardman was his girlfriend, when he was struggling in the field of weather forecasting. She supported him in every stage of life and encouraged him to uplift his career in the way of succession.  Pedram Javaheri is a professional guy who always keeps his personal life away from media. That’ why, only few people know about her marriage with Kimberly Hardman.  However, information about his honeymoon with her wife Kimberly reveled publicly from any hidden source which brought his married life once again as hot topic for the people.Pedram Javaheri and Kimberly Hardman Javaheri is an innocent couple who always show positive attitude towards media.Their honesty and love was shown to the public when they dealt with their honeymoon news confidentially.

Pedram Javaheri owns a prestigious career. He was honored with an Emmy nomination when he was working as a meteorologist in California. “Iranian of the Day” is another big achievement which was honored in the year 2010 by dignified authorities. Pedram is also an excellent team leader and he always encourages his team to deliver exclusive coverage on all types of legal as well as illegal matters. It is only the way of his motivation to team members that made his team a winner of prestigious “Peabody award.” He and his team were honored with this award in 2010 for outstanding oil spill coverage in the Gulf of Mexico.

Pedram Javaheri and Kimberly Hardman are enjoying their happy married life and both of them are seen many times dating each other even after their marriage. Therefore, it can be presumed that their marriage will remain far away from divorce or other complex issues in future.  

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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