Sara Eisen is a pleasant lady who is popular for her pleasant conduct and beautiful personality. She is a role model for every girl, who’s seeking a career in journalism. She is currently working in CNBC News channel as a news journalist.

Her birthday is not revealed to the public, but it is presumed that she was born in 70’s era. Her appearance attracts every viewer.  This lady with net worth of $300 thousand has managed to win many hearts worldwide in a very short span of time.


Apart from her looks, she possesses immense knowledge of journalism and business. Her degree is also quite impressive as she obtained BA in televise reporting and business coverage with top grades.

She went to Medill School of Journalism for reporting studies and then later joined the University of New York for her Bachelor of Arts degree in televised reporting and business matters coverage. For her Master's degree, she enrolled at the University of Northwestern where she gained a strong passion for business and televised reporting. 

Her education background provided her with an immense knowledge and understanding on business related matters. That is what has made to become a TV star and win a lot of followers within a short period of time.Her ability to capture the audience was what made her stand out. She had a passion for TV reporting and this made her take her studies seriously, enabling her to beat all the odds to achieve exceptional results in her university studies.

Her career

She started her career as a journalist in Forex TV and then she switched to CNBC International News Channel to prove her competence to her critics. At CNBC, she has become an icon to reckon with due to her ability to put into perspective business issues and financial reporting in an in-depth and precise manner. Her incisive discussions and dissection of the financial matters affecting businesses created a desperate yearning for her commentaries and made people notice for the very start.

She joined Forex TV as an intern when in college with little knowledge about business and financial matter reporting. She stayed there learning Forex exchange market and financial reporting. After getting accustomed to the intricacies of marketing and currencies trading, she developed a lot of interest in this field and never looked back.


She upped her skills tempo in reporting and while there she landed an internship with Bloomberg TV in Hong Kong. She worked there as an editor and a producer for four months and gained experience from reporting over different matters. She later moved to New York in 2008 where she was absorbed by the Bloomberg TV as an assistant producer. She had interest in reporting financial matters and her breakthrough come when she was given a chance by the Bloomberg Radio to report on financial matters and that provided her with the big leap to who she is now. Her ability was noticed and she was hired as a TV reporter . She later moved on join the CNBC which was her dream, where she co-host the Worldwide Exchange program.

Some of the major reports she has covered is on the Japan Tsunami, the European debt crisis and others. She has also conducted interviews with major world renowned CEOs like Phil Knight, the chairman of Nike.She has years of experience in some of the best interviews on CNBC. 

Personal Life

Sara is currently in the news because her followers are not getting any confidential information about her. Sara is married to her boyfriend with whom she maintained friendly relation for more than 5 years before their marriage. Her love for journalism is not a hindrance in the path of their happy married life. If you’re missing Sara Eisen, then this news will definitely make you happy - she is currently in New York. She is in New York since her later stage of pregnancy and she has given birth to twin baby boys recently. She keeps her private life private, therefore kept her pregnancy confidential. However, being a celebrity, it was hard to hide the fact but was done so in an appropriate manner.

The latest rumors milling around suggests that she is officially getting married to Matthew Levine as senior editor in CNBC before moving to Bloomberg where they started their love. This is contrary to the news making round previously that Sara Eisen was married and that she had a family with a man who was believed to be a poet. They were believed to be having a son and a good family life but these was quashed by the latest reports. There have never been previous official reports regarding her marriage or divorce. She has always maintained a private life and her affairs were not known to the public. The man’s name she was thought to have been married to previously is still unknown, therefore fanning the rumors more. However, it is exposed over media that her husband is a poet but his name is still unknown to media.

Sara is an American icon, who holds the personality of a sexy journalist. Viewers love to watch her because of her beautiful  appearance and amazing ability to capture the audience.. Any special information personal life is not known to the public because she keeps all her personal matters, clandestine. This is another reason for having greatest fan following than other media personalities. Her husband too was seen rarely in front of media because he too believes in keeping personal information confidential like her beloved wife.

The news about her pregnancy and delivering twin baby boys is also confidential like her married life secret. But, one thing is totally clear that she is currently very happy with her life and she has great affection with her family.

Last Modified: Mar 15, 2020

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