Karen Finney

Karen Finney works at MSNBC as a political commentator. She worked as a political consultant in the past and where she was employed for four years with the Democratic National committee. She was counted on as the party’s communications director and a spokesperson.

Political and Broadcasting Career

She is talented and very bright young woman. She was the host of her own weekend news program known as Disrupt with Karen Finney. It was broadcasted during the day at MSNBC but it was canceled. Some critics of Karen’s work say that most of the youth do not trust the government and are not interested in politics. They feel like it is just a rigged game and those people who report news about politics like Karen may fail to express their own honest political views because they people that are producing them already have an agenda. 

Supporters of Karen do not lump her in with the ineffective anchors who do not have the right skills to get their message across. The praise Karen Finney for being able to analyze politics in a fair way because she has had actual experience in the political arena and doesn’t just talk about it. She always looks calm and she is diligent when it comes researching and analyzing politics. She has helped many people understand politics using her viewpoint. 

Karen was very candid when she asked by Harvard Politics to describe a big challenge in her field, “The sheer volume of social media platforms and how much faster everything moves. It is a mixed bag. On the one hand, you can get information in real time as something is happening, but sometimes, that skews what you think about what really happened and what really matters. The growing number of platforms means the platforms that you have to be able to communicate on have changed and expanded. It is not just three television stations and a few key newspapers and magazines; it is Snapchat, Twitter, television, and a lot more.

Karen also spoke about President Donald Trump’s use of social media has changed politics, “In many, many very dramatic ways. For example, it is impossible for the Trump administration to have any effective kind of communication strategy. You will have one person saying something in the briefing with reporters. You may have a cabinet secretary get asked a question about the same issue, and they give a different answer. Then, President Trump tweets something totally different from what both people said. It has created this atmosphere of unpredictability and instability, and it is part of why some people question his fitness for office. The biggest change is that this administration is not consistently putting forward one vision. It is not good for the country, but it has certainly changed not just political communications, but [also] communications in general.”

Even though Karen is not a Republican, her feelings about Donald Trump are still valid. People may be quick to point a finger at her and say that she is being biased because she doesn’t support the Republican party but even the most passionate Trump fans have to admit that his tweeting has been erratic and unstable.


Personal Life

Karen Finney is not only a leading political commentator but she is also known because of her beauty.  She is pretty and keeps eyes glued on the TV because how attractive she is. Since she became a media personality, she never wanted to compromise her appearance. Due to the fact that she is politically savvy, she understands that a first impression is really important. If she does not look presentable on air, people will not pay attention. She makes sure that she stays fit and healthy to keep the attention of the viewers.  She always looks stunning on both the screen and off screen. She wears outfits that match her body shape in a perfect way and this is why she is always praised by her adoring fans.

Karen comes from a mixed background because on the side of her father, Karen Finney’s ethnicity is African- American. Her mother is Caucasian which makes Karen bi-racial. Having a diverse family upbringing gave Karen unique insights as she was growing up. She was able to see both sides of her racial makeup. On one hand, she was able to feel the pain that black people feel when they are discriminated against. On the other hand, she was able to experience that privilege that white woman have in society. Since she is like skinned, many people can’t tell what race she is right away. They sometimes assume she is full white and other times they assume she is half black.

Karen reportedly has no husband or any children. The reason for this is because she has a busy schedule and she likes to be professional in all the things she does. She doesn’t want any distractions in her life. She feels that she would be a bad employee if she let external factors cloud her judgement.

She said that she is willing to wait to get married when she finds the right man. She is in no rush because she is enjoying her life without a man. She is a very strong and independent woman that is able to get things done on her own. She wants to find a man that will respect her personality. She doesn’t want a man that feels he needs to take care of her. She wants a man that is her equal, not a man that is her provider.

There was a time that there was a rumor about her being involved with another journalist at MSNBC, Jonathan Capehart. The rumor started when he referred to her as “My Darling Wife” in a show called The Last Word With Lawrence O’ Donnell.  The rumors calmed down after sometime because Jonathan said that they were just good friends and he was being playful.  She does not like people to know all about her life, she likes to keep a low profile in regards to her private life.

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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