Erika Tarantal

Erika Tarantal has been very lucky, both in terms of her professional life and personal life. At 35, Erika Tarantal is a widely watched and acclaimed anchor and reporter for WCVB in Boston. Described as gorgeous and talented, she has been working in the media since 2007.

But somehow, even with her phenomenal success as a journalist, it is the details of her personal life that would make one more envious of her than her professional accomplishments. She is currently married to Lucas Nathan, real estate agent for Brown Harris Stevens, and theirs is a story that would bring smiles to your faces.

Growing up, Erika was (and still is) best friends with her neighbour, Alicia Nathan, who happened to have a wild older cousin, Lucas Nathan. Back in the days, Lucas was a legitimate devil-may-care bad boy. He had earrings and plenty of girlfriends, and would hardly ever sit still. He was an avid snowboarder and had a trampoline in the living room. And young Erika heard quite a lot about him from her best friend.

Time passed, she went off to college, and was still best friends with Alicia, whom she visited often. On one such visit in 2002, she met Lucas at an on-campus party and was, in Erika’s own words, overly friendly and supremely confident – which was probably why he declared that he would kiss her that very night (love at first sight, maybe?). The kiss did not happen, as Erika had a boyfriend then, but he had made an impression.

They met again in 2006, at a family party in Philadelphia, and Erika was charmed by his confidence and enthusiasm (the fact that she was no longer in a relationship must have helped too), which is probably why she accepted his invitation to a party in Manhattan the next week. It was the Manhattan party that turned out to be the milestone in their relationship – she hopped onto the back of his bicycle once the party was over, despite his offers to call a cab for her, and it was during the precarious ride that he really fell for her.

They started dating soon after, and the changes in Lucas were evident – according to his father, Erika was the first girl who made him nervous – and the effervescent Lucas was finally settling down. They moved in together in 2007, and Lucas proposed to Erika at Bromley Mountain, in the middle of a universe of snow, with a ring he himself had designed. The couple were married on 9th January, 2010, in a simple ceremony at the University of Arts, Philadelphia.

The duo has been happily married for nearly five years now, and in many ways, it has been a match made in heaven. They enjoy each other’s company – he makes her laugh, and he knows that she is the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with. By all accounts, the days of the wild Lucas Nathan are gone, and there have been no talks of extramarital affairs or any other unpleasant business in the lives of the couple, and a divorce seems to be nothing more than a laughable proposition. Erika had her first child in 2012, and currently resides in Manhattan with her husband and child.

Last Modified: Mar 15, 2020

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