Melissa Lee

Melissa Lee, as the surname hints at, has Asian roots – she is, in fact, a Chinese American reporter and anchor with CNBC, who has enjoyed phenomenal professional success. In a way, she has had the sort of career that was bound to take her to great heights, right from the start – she is a graduate of Harvard University – with a Bachelor of Arts in Government. After graduation, she had a stint at Mercer Management Consulting as a management consultant, before she decided to pursue her dream of being a journalist – that came about after a pep talk to herself about following her dreams before it was too late. Since then, it has been a tale for the annals of glory.

Lee has worked for Bloomberg Television and CNN Financial News, before she joined CNBC in 2004 – clearly, she has always had her heart set on financial journalism, even though she majored in Government. According to her, she was hooked onto the world of finance after her first internship at the New York Daily News, and not having formal training in finance has never deterred her. Lee, in fact, is a widely acclaimed financial journalist. She has been nominated for the Emmy Awards for Business News twice, and has a reputation for being fearless and quick-witted on air, always asking the right questions and never stumbling in the middle of an interview. In addition, she has hosted several documentaries as well. She is also a rich woman in her own right, with her net worth estimated to be 5 million dollars.

At 38, Lee is still a stunning woman, with radiant black hair, and classically beautiful Chinese features, and is yet another proof for the fact that age is merely a number. Now, the natural question would be one regarding the lucky man in her life. And the answer is that, nobody knows. Lee has always staunchly refuted any reports regarding her having a boyfriend or a husband, and many people believe her to be a woman focused entirely on her career, with no time for a marriage or relationship. Of course, the truth of the matter is something that only Lee would know, but what we do know is that she is on a roller-coaster ride that only goes up (to paraphrase Augustus Waters from TFIOS), professionally, either because of, or in spite of her not being in a relationship. And precisely because of her never being married, the question of a divorce in Melissa Lee’s life is a pretty pointless one.

But then, for all we know, she might be one of those notoriously private people who try their best at keeping their private life separate from their public life. There might be a man in her life, or there might be a story of unrequited love underneath all that privacy. Or, well, she might just be too busy for a relationship right now. Whatever the case may be, the fact remains that should she decide that she does want to find her Prince Charming, there will probably a veritable army of men jumping at the opportunity.

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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