Michelle Kosinski

Michelle Kosinski is a popular CNN news channel personality who has become an icon for the viewing public.. She is known for her persistent and dogged approach to pursuing a news story.  She is also popular for her attractive looks pleasant voice and presentation on the air.  This makes her one of the most respected and marketable media personalities of CNN News Channel and currently, she is one the top in highest earners at CNN. She is often a topic of discussion in the public because of how boldly she pursues and reports on stories.

She has built a very credible reputation for a reporter of such a young age.  Prior to being hired by CNN in 2014, she earned her reporting chops at NBC.  One of her prominent stories involved the Natalee Holloway disappearance in Aruba.  She persuaded the warden at the prison that housed the chief suspect, Joran van der Sloot. She took the tour and ran into van der Sloot during the tour.  She conducted an impromptu interview which was expected to be a major scoop.  However, van der Sloot's attorney learned of the interview and filed a restraining order with the court and NBC never ran the interview.

Her other major NBC stories included the earthquake in Haiti in 2010, the impact of the Arab Spring, the assassination of Benazir Bhuto, US-Russia relations, terrorist activities in Europe and the Virginia Tech shootings.  Since coming to CNN, she has displayed excellent anchoring skills and is now assigned as CNN's senior diplomatic  correspondent. 

Her private life became a public story when she became involved in love affair with Carlos hoz de Vina. She built strong romantic relationship with Carlos.  Carlos was born in Bolivia, and climbed from a successful car salesman to an owner of a network of car dealerships. Unfortunately, their love story ended without an indication to the public as to why.. Michelle's breakup with her ex-boyfriend Carlos has resulted in her being a more famous celebrity than before.

Right now, she is at a peak point of career but there is still room to increase her popularity to achieve the levels of previous icons such as Barbara Walters, Cokie Robers and today's top news personality, Megyn Kelly.. The paparazzi was taken by surprise when Michelle suddenly married Kimball Duncan.  They kept the relationship below the radar and surprised the journalists who follow celebrities. Kimball  runs Rush Foundation which provides care for people infected with HIV.

Michelle Kosinski finally has got her Mr. Perfect as Kimbell but her love story is also full of interesting turns. She met Kimbell for the first time in the “country of love” i.e. London and she lost her heart to him at their very first meeting. However, there is some peculiarity in her love story with Kimbell due to his being a widower and a father of two twin children.  Sources claim that Kimbell has a fear of getting divorce with Michelle because of the impact that would have on his mind because of his children. However, Michelle's total devotion to her husband and to their marriage is demonstrated by her stated plans to refrain from having children herself in order to give her full maternal care to the Kimbell twins. This decision is unusual in some circles, but camera facing celebrities have made such choices in the past solely for the sake of careers.

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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