Pam Oliver is Pamella Donielle Oliver and she is a sportscaster in America. She was born in 1961 in the city of Dallas in Texas. She is known to be beautiful with full of brain who works like a sportscaster at fox sports.  When she was still a teenager, she lived in Florida in the city of Niceville and this is where she attended Niceville High School.  When she was still at high school, she played Tennis, track, field and basketball. She became a Florida A&M’s member. When she finished high school, she did not stop with the racing career and she represented her college in the USA for 400m and a mile relay. She got her degree in 1984.

Pam Oliver had a good track in the sports and she was decorated to be a sports scholarship of FAMU in the Tallahassee. She worked for the first time at the WALB in Georgia.  In the following year, she went to Huntsville of Alabama to the WAAY-TV. She worked also at the WIVB-TV in New York in the year 1988. In the year 1990, she moved back to Florida in Tampa and she started to work in the Sports Anchor career.  Afterwards, she moved to Houston in KHOU-TV.  In the Houston, she continued her career like a sports anchor. Oliver worked for ESPN, a sport television network in 1993.  Oliver joined the Fox sports which is renowned to be a sports channel. In the year 1995, she worked like a sideline reporter together with Troy Aikman and Joe Buck. She gets salary of 1 million dollar every year.

Pam Oliver is a daughter to African American family and they were a working class.  Her father is John and the mother is Mary.  The father was an employee in government while the mother was a stay home house.  Her father was in the military and this is why she travelled in different places. She started to watch sports on the television when she was still too young and this is where she was able to develop the interest into the sports from the childhood.  This is why she shows high participation in the athletic tournament.

Pam Oliver is married but she does not have a child. She is married to her boyfriend for a long time, Alvin Whitney. They got married in 1990 and her husband works like a freelance producer.  She is successful on both professional and personal level. She has a secret diet and she does regular workout.

Pam Oliver is famous because of her work at cable television and helps to nature new generation of athletes and students.  She has 4 million dollars as net worth and she got Ebony award for Journalisms Outstanding Woman in 2004. She was once criticized because of her bad hair day.

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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