Jack Mcbrayer

Jack Mcbrayer has a cute smile with an immense acting talent that let the audience to be always hypnotized and mesmerized by him. He is among the most successful comedic actors and his comic makes people to get pain from laughter.  His birthplace is Macon and it lies in the Georgia in USA. He is of American Nationality and of white ethnicity. He had been born in 1973.  At his age, he is successful and he got the net worth of over 6 million in US dollars. He has a height of 5 feet 10 inches.

He has an interesting biography and many people follow him on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter because of the success of her movies and TV shows.

The well known TV shows and movies that he participated into are Drunk History, Conan, 30 Rock, Archer, Movie 43, Despicable Me and Movie 43. There are some movies which he played shirtless.

Even if Jack Mcbrayer is too popular, most of his personal life is in the dark. It is believed that he dated many girlfriends but his really girlfriend right now is not known.  Even if it is believed that he may be dating someone by now, it is not known who it is. Since he has history of dealing with women, it means that he is not a gay. However, other information about married, divorce or having a wife cannot be confirmed.  He does not have also the record of children or he may have the plans to have them in the future.

Jack Mcbrayer is well known because of being overtly polite, cheerful and absurdly with a character that look that of a child. He became noticed when he played in Late Night with Conan O’Brien and he also portrayed Kenneth Parcell in 30 Rock, TV series. For this role, he got Emmy nomination for 2009. Now he is starring in Adult Swim and The Jack and Triumph Show which is a fiction of his own life. He voices Character Wander in Wander Over Yonder for the Disney XD original series. He is also the voice behind Wreck-It Ralph which is a Disney animated movie.

Jack Mcbrayer grew up in Georgia and he moved to Georgia when he was still 15 years old. He did theater administration in the University of Evansville. He worked in IO Theater and The second City where he met Tina Fey who is a creator of 30 Rock. This is where he was prepared for his role in the show.

Jack Mcbrayer had a minor role in the Arrested Development of 2008 where he played as a waiter in the country club of Bluth family.  Mariah Carey featured him in the video of Touch My Body. He appears in the commercial of Barnes & Noble and Kia.

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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