Khandi Alexander

Khandi Alexander is an actress born in 1957. She had achieved everything she wanted as a choreographer or as actress. She is multi talented person since she is a dancer and also a choreographer. She had been born in New York. She is American of black ethnicity. She is known to play Dr Alexx Woods in the CSI Miami, a police procedure series of CBS.  She played La Donna Batiste-Williams in the HBO drama known as Treme and as Catherine Duke in the sitcom NewsRadio of NBC. She had also a recurring role in ER drama where she plays like Jackie Robbins, a sister to the Dr Peter Benton. She plays Maya Lewis, in the ABC drama scandals under Olivia Pope. She got many critical acclaim when she performed in the HBO miniseries called, The corner in the year 2000.

Khandi Alexander is a daughter to Alverina Yavonna and Henry Roland Alexander, who was a Jazz and Opera singer and was the owner of the construction company. She had been educated at the Queensborough Community College and she did appear at the Broadway movies. She starred in the Dream Girls of Bob Fosses. She was the choreographer of the Whitney Houston during her world tour of 1988 to 1992. She was a dancer in the Pink Cadillac of Natalie Cole in the year 1988.

Even if Khandi Alexander has always been on the spotlight, she was able to keep her personal life in the dark.  She lives a private life but there are some rumors that she may have undergone plastic surgery. Even if she did not comment to such accusation, the gossip is yet to come to the end. The rumors start on how she has now a slender nose.  After the photos taken in different occasions, such change may be seen.  Other rumor is that she may have got facelift and Botox.  However, since she was always with a flawless skin, there is nothing to point to this.

There are some reports that she has a husband with the children but there is no report about their identity. Kandhi gets involved with her fans through the social media, but she never talk about her married life.

She made the television debut at the show known as FTV and it was a sketch comedy show of the year 1985.  She had also starred in Street Walking in the role of the Star who became friends of a lead character Cookie that was played by Merissa Leo. In that same year, she was a feature in the A Chorus Line, which is a musical film and she starred with Michael Douglas.  She focused most of her skills in developing the films, movies and TV shows like Sugar Hills, What’s Love Got To Do With It and Joshua Tree.

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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