Crystal Bernard

Crystal Bernard was born in the 1961, in Texas USA, under the name of Crystal Lynn Bernard. She is known to be the actress who played in Slumber Party Massacre II, It’s Living and Wings. Her trade mark is her hissing voice.  She started to sing when she was still young when she performed at the revivals in the year 1970s with her father. She was the co-writer of the song called If I were your Girl, and Paula Abdul performed it and it appeared on the album Head Over Heels. She got her degree at Spring High School and she sang a duet called Forever Tonight when she performed with Peter Cetera. She is a young sister to Robyn Bernard and daughter to Jerry Wayne Bernard.  She grew up in Oak Creek Village in the Subdivision of Houston, in Texas.

Crystal Bernard is a sister to Angelique Bernard and Scarlet Bernard who graduated in the Westfield High School of Texas.  She attended Bammel Middle School of Houston and did her own video that had a song that she did written for herself on Tom Sawyer for her project in School. At a certain period, she was involved with Michael Shipley who is a mixer, engineer, and producer. He won Grammy award. Even if she was raised in Baptist background, she is not a believer of marriage. 

When she played Helen Chapel on the Wings, where she played like a counter waitress at the airport, the part had to be played by a person of Greek descent called Peri Gilpin who played in Frasier. When she refused to play, such part had to be re-written so that it may fit into the skills of Crystal as a Texas girl.

Crystal Bernard has written many songs that are produced in her first album and she is the one to produce the second album that she released in the year 1999.  She has written the songs for Angie Winans, Debbie, Tracie Spencer, Lisa Stanfield and Paula Abdul.  

Crystal Bernard has to start to live in Los Angeles after the graduation in high school and she took up the songwriting job until she started to have the interest in the acting. The singer Bobbie Gentry heard her sing with Robyn in a gospel jubilee in the Mississippi and decided to hire them to feature act in the Vegas show she was conducting.

Crystal Bernard started a singing career when she was only 3 years when she was singing with an older sister, Robyn Bernard and they had to travel around the country and they recorded over 12 albums before they even reach adulthood. She was a girlfriend to the producer Tony Thomas for a long period.   She is a spokesperson of O Premium waters which is a bottle water supplier in Arizona.

Crystal Bernard had been on TV in the 82-83 seasons of Happy Days of ABC.  She then played Amy at the syndicated series called It’s Living from the 85-89. Before she gets interested in playing, she was a singer.

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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