Jim Hoffer is an investigative reporter at Eyewitness News and he is also known as James Patrick Hoffer. He has had a growing career on T.V and he is widely known for the important role he plays as an investigative reporter for New York Channel 7’s Eyewitness News Investigative team. Jim Hoffer joined this investigative team on June 1998.

Throughout his career, he has been keen on seeing that the corrupt individuals are brought to justice. This is through his investigative work as a journalist where he pursues cases to the end. He also pokes holes to weak laws leading to their eventual changing and tightening. He has brought a lot of important security changes in federal and state levels.

Since the beginning of his flourishing career, he has received numerous Emmy awards for recognition of his outstanding work. His investigative reports on a utility company Con Ed. made him the recipient of Edward R. Murrow Award. Jim Hoffer was awarded with prestigious DuPont award of Columbia University. This was after his exposure of lax security within the naval bases of the nation.

Jim Hoffer has also done some undercover work to expose aviation mishaps which led to a congress hearing on strict testing of English language for foreign pilots. His undercover investigation reports also led to the closure of the state gun show loophole by New York law makers. A series of his reports also led to the changing of the state law concerning mental competency to for one to be prosecuted. This was after his reports led to the re-arresting and eventual imprisonment of a convicted murder.

From some of these highlights of his work, it is clear that Jim Hoffer is a dedicated investigative reporter. He goes an extra mile to seek justice and straighten the crooked paths. All this he does in a selfless manner without worrying about the risks involved in his work.

He is a graduate of Temple University. He is a husband to Mika Brzezinski a journalist of MSNBC. They couple wedded back in 1993 when Jim Hoffer was working for WTNH-TV as reporter. The two met while both were working in Hartford, Connecticut at a small Fox Station. Jim’s wife Mika Brzezinski is the daughter of Zbigniew Brzezinski, her father and her Swiss born mother Emilie Anna Benesova. They have been blessed with two children together, both daughters named Emilie and Carlie.

Jim Hoffer and his wife bought a house in Bronx and later revamped this 1920 English Tudor style house. They gave it a contemporary and fresh look fit for them and their family upbringing. It is a spacious house and that is why Jim’s wife Mika Brzezinski liked it at first glance. The house has numerous family photos and mementos making it look vibrant.

Jim Hoffer has had a successful career in the media as an investigative reporter. This successful career has catapulted him to stardom status turning him to a celebrity. He can be accessed both on Facebook and Twitter through his accounts.

Last Modified: Mar 14, 2020

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