Amy Freeze is a popular meteorologist who works with WABC-TV as a weekend meteorologist. She also works for Good Morning America, an ABC show. She was born in 1974 and her full name is Amy Elizabeth Freeze in the New York City. 

She was the first woman to be chief meteorologist in Chicago at the WFLD; a Fox owned and also operated station. She served there from the year 2007 until 2011. She is the elder daughters to Linda and Bill Freeze. She did her schooling in Jeffersonville High School. She did a Bachelor of Arts in communication at Brigham Young University.  She did also a bachelor of science in Geosciences with Mississippi State University. She got her master’s from the University of Pennsylvania.

Before she started to work for WFLD, Amy Freeze worked for WCAU station under NBC in the Philadelphia for over four years where she was a meteorologist and also a co-host for 10!, which is a live show for entertainment for NBC 10.  It is during this period when she was also working at Rockefeller Center as the substitute for the Weekend Today under NBC and for MSNBC.  She appeared in My Life in Four Cameras where she had a cameo appearance and on the comedy- drama televisions series called Scrubs.  The viewers send digital photos through twitter, email or Facebook, that they capture on weather and she includes them in Freeze Frame. She has also a segment called The Freeze Factor where she puts the weather forecast on the scale of one up to ten.

While working in Chicago, Amy Freeze visited at least 10,000 students’ areas where she was giving the presentation about severe weather and tornadoes.  She was the first host for the Weather Education Days of Chicago White Sox, Chicago Wolves and Chicago cubs under MLB.

Amy Freeze married his husband in the year 1994 and they were still both students at the Brigham Young University. The two won a 100,000 dollars prize in 1999 for a weight loss contest. She likes to run and she finished different marathons. She has a certificate of being a scuba diver. Her husband works as a chiropractor and they have four children who are Tyler, Jared, Kate and William. They live in Upper West in Manhattan.  Together with her husband, they are much in love and there is nothing about divorce that it is being talked about.

She is hot and beautiful with perfect body shape. She is 5 feet and 6 inches tall. She has the certificate from the American Meteorologist Society with 111 as its number. She is among 20 women who have got this certificate. Even if her net worth or salary have not been disclosed, it is believed that she gets a good salary taking into account that she has already three Emmy Awards under her name.  

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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