Bret Baier is a worker at Fox News Channel for special report with Bret Baier.  This is the top rated program during its timeslot while it is also one among the four shows in the cable news. He works from Washington DC and started to work for this network in the year 1998 and was reporting from Atlanta Bureau at first.

In 2015, Bret Baier together with Chris Wallace, his co-anchor with Megyn Kelly, they were the moderators for GOP presidential debate about 2016 election. As reported by Nielsen data, this debate reached 24 million total viewers with 7.9million in its 25-54 demos.  This is made it to be the cable telecast that rated high without being related to the sports.

In the year 2012 political season, he was the co-anchor of the America’s Election HQ on FNC together with Megyn Kelly. He provided the extensive coverage for 2012 campaign cycle and he was anchoring the presidential with the vice presidential debates both Democratic and Republican conventions. 

Bret Baier has interviewed Hillary Clinton, Dick Cheney, George W. Bush and Barack Obama.  He was also the host of 13 Hours At Benghazi, which is a documentary about exclusive interviews with the American Security operatives who headed the attacks at Benghazi.  He had anchored over 24 political specials at FNC. He reported from Iraq 12 times and from Afghanistan 13 times and he had travelled the entire world with different military personnel and various people in administration.  Joe Klein of Time Magazines had acknowledged that Special Report with Bret Baier is the only straight newscast for the cable news.

 From his bio, before starting to work as an anchor, Bret Baier was the Chief White House Correspondent in the year 2006 for the second term of the administration of Bush.  Before that time, he was the correspondent for National Security where he covered national security and military affairs.

Bret Baier is tall with 5 feet and 11 inches. He is known to be hard work and none wants to have him fired. He had it all, the money and fame and his net worth is the proof for this. He gets the salary of 7 million US dollars per year and this boosts his net worth that it is counted in millions. He is Roman Catholic, he is married to Amy Baier and they have two sons. One of them suffers cardiac problems and he had to undergo open heart surgery.

Bret Baier undertook weight loss for which he lost 40 pounds and he is trying to keep that weight off through swimming, karate, baseball and basketball.  He said that he tries to eat more salad with fish and sometime steak but not too much bread. He says that what it is harder is to keep away from pizza which he likes too much.

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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