Betty Nguyen

Betty Nguyen is famous news anchor of American nationality and she works with the NBC and MSNBC news. She has worked like a news anchor for the CBS for this Morning Saturday. She is the correspondent who worked for the early show and she works for the CBS morning news like an anchor. Betty had been born in September of 1974 in Vietnam. She is a Scottish American with Vietnamese descents. In the year 1975, when there was the fall of Saigon, she moved to United State with her family. She was raised in Texas and she was a cheerleader during her early age. During the early age, she was the member of the Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority. She holds the bachelor degree in the broadcast journalism and she graduated magna cum laude.

Her father was American serviceman while her mother was Vietnamese college student and they fell in love.  They got married and she was born from the marriage. They had to flee Vietnam when they were packed in a C-130 cargo plane. Betty Nguyen was going into unknown but staying was not an option.

She joined NBC, in the year 2013 and she was an anchor for the Early Today at NBC. She worked for the First Look of MSNBC and she had to serve like a correspondent of Today Show. She was working for the CBS News. When she was working there, she was the anchor for the CBS This Morning Saturday. She worked like a substitute anchor for weekend edition for the CBS Evening as a correspondent.  

According to her biography, Betty Nguyen had spent six years in her career at the CNN.  While working there, she was in charge of the major news which included the presidential elections of different countries in Africa, Pope John Paul II’s Death, Hurricane Katrina and the Haiti’s earthquake.  She worked as an undercover for an assignment in Myanmar.  She was the anchor of the KTVT-TV of Dallas which is a CBS affiliate.  She worked there covering different news that included the Space Shuttle of Columbia disaster.

Betty Nguyen’s husband is Ryan Hammer and they are both from Texas and they got married in the year 2011.  The ceremony was a double ring ceremony and the officer in charge was Rajiv Bala while the Wedding took place in Hotel Zaza of Houston.  She wore the strapless mermaid gown and the beaded waistband together with the delicate French lace in the ceremony. She changes into a sculpted bodice gown in the reception. She had the bouquet of the cream-colored rose from a garden. The readings in the wedding were done by Khoa Nguyen with Emily Hammer.

Betty Nguyen makes a yearly trip to Vietnam for the nonprofit organization founded by her family.  Her fans follow her on twitter.

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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