Guy Fieri is known for his television series at Food network. He is a restaurateur, television personality, game show host and author. In the year 1990, he worked under Stouffer and he became the district manager of Trattoria of Louise.  He was managing six locations together with training and recruiting for its restaurants. This is the experience that became crucial to his career.  In the year 1996, him and his business partner called Steve Gruber opened the restaurant called Johnny Garlic. It was a pasta grill in California in the area called Santa Rosa. The second location was opened at Windsor in the year 1999. The third place to open was in Roseville in 2008. In the year 2012, Guy’s American Kitchen with a bar opened in the New York City. 

All these additions to his chain were the main contributor for his large net worth believed to be around 8.5 million dollars.  He won in second seasons for the show The Next Food Network Star.  He was given six-episodes commitment as an award for his cooking show at the Food Network. The first episode in the Guy;s Bite  episodes started in June of 2006 and it continues up to now. In the 2007, he started with the Fieri Second Series, Drive-Ins and Diners.  He made appearance at other programs like Ace Cakes, Paula’s Party and Impossible, together with The Best Thing I Ever Ate. Such appearance with the salary that he was getting, had just become the icing at the cake for his success. In the year 2009, the NBC called Fieri to be the host of a game show called Minute to win it and it premiered in 2010 and the show had two seasons.

Feiri, when he was young he was called Guy Ferry and he changed back to the old name while marrying his wife, Lori.  This was to honor his grandfather who has to change the name when he immigrated in America.  The name Fieri in Italian translates into proud. He did not attend the culinary school; however, he got the bachelor degree in the University of Nevada in Las Vegas in the Hospitality Management in the year 1990.   In the university, he became the member of fraternity of Alpha Tau Omega.

According to his bio, he started his entrepreneur career when he was still young since in the fifth grade, he asked organizers of Humboldt County Fair to let him sell the balloons. After six years, he was able to earn enough money to stay in France for a year.  He went in France at the age of 16, in the area known as Chantilly. He says that it was a miserable time for him since he lived in a small room. The bathroom was two floors downstairs and he was not allowed to use a phone if he was not given the permission.

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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