Andrew Zimmern

Andrew Zimmern is a dynamic and prominent chef; he is radio personality, television host, culinary expert, columnist and food critic.  He was born in the year 1961 and he was born and also grew up in the family that followed Jewish religion.  He is a sensational super chief who is known as a food writer and a teacher.  He started to train in the industry of the food when she was only 14 years old. He got the culinary training when he was still a young person. Zimmern has special interest in the cooking and in the culinary sector from the start of the child hood days. He went to Dalton School and she graduated in Vassar College. He had worked in different restaurants like the chef and he gained the extensive experience.  Andrew worked like an executive level chef to the general level manager in restaurants. He had worked like the teacher about how managing the restaurant and how designing it from The New School for Social Research.  

Andrew Zimmern had not an easy life since when he was still young, he got addicted to the lethal drugs and the result is that he got admitted to the Hazelden Treatment Center in the year 1992. He was rehabilitated and started to work like a formal volunteer at the center. He was hired like an executive for the Café Un, Deux Trios and he got experience working in the Café that made him more popular in the restaurant. He became highly appreciated while working and he stopped to work like a chef in the year 1997.  He had worked for different publications as an editor and journalist.   He also worked like Food Court with Andrew Zimmern, Andrew Zimmern Show and ChowHounds. Andrew is married to Rishia Haas and he has a child with his wife. However, more information about his own married life with his family cannot be disclosed to the media. There is no record about the past affairs or any link up with other girls. 

For one episode at bizarre foods, he is given 35,000 dollars. He is famous writer and TV host and he was able to make the net worth of 5 millions.  He was able to make the money through his effort as consulting producer, co-creator and hosts. With all these experience, he was also the host of the Dinnin With Death and it provides all the information on the foods that can easily lead to the death in the humans. He is an author of the books that are targeting young adults.  

Andrew Zimmern was given the award for the best show that talks about the food from the CableFax.  He featured in 2009 series for Man Vs Food. He made the tremendous effort with the extensive experience in different cuisine editions.

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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