Larry Flynt

Larry Flynt was born in the year 1942 and he is an American publisher and also the president for Larry Flynt Publications.  In the year 2003, he was listed by Arena magazines like the no 1 of the most powerful people in the list of porn. LFP normally produces the magazines and graphic videos of sexual content and the most popular is the Hustler.  He fought many legal battles which involved first amendment and he had run for a public office but he failed.  

He became paralyzed on his waist down to the legs because of the injury he got during the attempt murder in 1978 by Joseph Paul Franklin.

Flynt was born in Kentucky to Larry Claxton Flynt Sr who was 23 years old, a veteran of World War II and a sharecropper. His mother was 17 years old called Edith and was a homemaker.  He has a sister and a brother.  Because his father was in the war, Flynt was raised by his mother for the first years. Her sister died at the age of four because of Leukemia and it led to the divorce of his parents.   He studied up to ninth grade and at the age of 15 registered in the USA army using a fake birth certificate.  It was during the same time that he developed the interest of Poker.  He was discharged honorably and afterwards he did different jobs before joining United States Navy and was discharged in the year 1964.

The first enterprise was to buy the bar of his mother and to refit it by using 1,800 dollars of his saving and the bar started to make around 1,000 dollars each week.  He bought other bars from the profits and was working up to 20 hours each day. He was taking the amphetamine so that he can stay awake.  Sometime he had to stop the fistfights between the customers.  He opened a higher class bar in the area and it was the first one to feature nude dancers and hostess. It was under the name of hustler club.  

From the year 1968, he was helped by Althea Leasure who was his girlfriend and his brother Jimmy to open Hustler clubs in other areas.  He started the Hustle Newspaper as a two-page publication in white and black to talk about his clubs. As the newspapers became popular, he made it to reach to 32 pages. Afterwards, he made it to be a sexually explicit magazine and it was distributed nationally.  Flynt was married five times, 3 marriages ended in divorces, and the fourth wife, Althea died during their marriage and the fifth and current wife is Elizabeth Berrios. He is the father of four daughters with one son.  Larry is known to have a net worth of over 400 million dollars.

Last Modified: Apr 9, 2020

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