Anson Mount

Anson Adams Mount IV was born in the year 1973 and he is an American actor. He is known to play Cullen Bohannon in AMC show called Hell on Wheels.  He played Jim Steele at NBC series called Conviction and he appeared in the film called Tully. Mount was born in the Illinois and he grew up in Tennessee.  His mother was a former professional golfer called Nancy Smith while his father was Anson Adams Mount II and he was an original contributing editor of Playboy Magazine. He has a brother called Anson Adams III and the sister called Kristin for the first marriage of his father. He went to Dickson County High School in Tennessee, and in University of the South together with the Columbia University in the University of the South he was the member for the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity.  He was reluctant to play the role of the Ben Kimble for the Crossroads since he thought that the role and the movie were lame and cheesy. But when he was doing the movie called City By the Sea, his co-star Robert De Niro had encouraged him to take up the role since he was a fan of Britney Spears.

At his age, Anson Adams became too popular and he has an important role in American actors. There are much information about his life and movies that can be accessed on IMDB and Wikipedia. He is also available in social media like Facebook and twitter. He has over 56.6 thousand followers on his Twitter and he had proved to be a star even on his account. He is involved on his account and he tweeted on his site more than 12.2 thousand time.  He is tall with 1.85 meters and he is a dedicated person towards his work. He has many shirtless scenes for betterment of the script.

Anson Adams had been successful in the roles he had in the movies and the TV shows and he was able to earn big. His net worth is over 3 million US dollars and this shows his success.  He was the star of many movies and some are the Crossroad in 2002, Privacy Policy in the year 2014 and in Non-Stop in 2014. There are some of the TV shows that were credited to his name like Smallville, The cure and Red Widow. As he became famous, he was able to keep his personal life to be very private.  There is no information on the person that he may be dating, affairs or current girlfriend. It is believed that he has children and wife but the details about them are not available for the public.  Since he has a wife, there is nothing to show that he is gay and he had never gone through the divorce process.

In the movie Crossroad, he played the role of Ben who was to be joined by Mimi, Kit and Lucy on the road trip.  He became the darling of many viewers with his spiky hair and the blue eyes.  Even now while acting for Hell on Wheels, he is still recognizable with his rugged but handsome style.

Last Modified: Apr 9, 2020

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