Hayes Hargrove

Hayes Hargrove is a comedian and well-known actor. He gained enough attention and has impressed the audience with the work he did with Starfish and Superfish, Slaphappy and Beyond the Pale. The Starlight and Superfish had been released in the year 2007 and Beyond the Pale was released in the year 2007.  Slaphappia was put on the market in the year 2014.  He got married to Kristen Wiig in the year 2005 but the relationship did not survive and they got divorced in 4 years of marriage. The divorce took place in the year 2009 and Kristen Wiig is a celebrity also.

Kristen Caroll Wiig celebrates the birthday in august. She is actress and well known in Hollywood.  Hayes Hargrove continues to make happy the audience with the coming timings before and after the divorce.  He is a successful man and now he works like the spokesman of Orville Redenbachers. He works as sketch performer on the CONAN.  He had done many things and the latest is to host the UCB. The signature show called Asssscat at the UCB Theater is among them.  He is a standup comedian and worked with other people like Amy Poehler in the show.  Hayes has a busy schedule and he opened for Bobcat, Andy Dick, Maria Bamford and Goldwait. Among the recent theaters that he had worked for include Roadhouse the Musical together with Tom Lenk and Chaz Bono. He is among the most loved comedians and he worked together with Greta Gerwig and Iggy Pop for other plays.  While playing in the Starlight and Superfish, he was sharing the stage together with Wendi McLandon Covey.  There are some time that there were rumors that he was a gay but these rumors were found to be cunning and baseless. Hayes is good looking in his personality and pictures.

When asked about his life, Hayes Hargrove said that what he remembers his first house which was near the railroad tracks and he still remembers the noisy trains.  He says that if he was not a comedian and actor, he may have been a chef, therapist or race car driver.  If he has to regain the composure, he walks away. He says that the success depends on a person and whenever someone is happy with what he does that it is success for him. He gets inspiration from music and Jim Henson. He is guilty when he spends the day playing the video games and he cannot leave his home without the chapstick, keys and wallet.

After working in New York for many years, Hayes Hargrove decided to go back in Los Angeles and he honed the skills in sketch writing with the improv skills while playing with Groundlings. He is known to flex his acting both on the small and big screens. Besides working at Late Night With Conan O’Brien, Hayes also stars in the National commercials which included Goodfellas of Miller Lite that had been banned. He plays a nerdy terrorist in Burn Notice which is a smash hit for the USA network.

Last Modified: Mar 14, 2020

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