Kellin Quinn

Kellin Quinn’s full name is Kellin Quinn Bostwick and her family name is Bostwick since Quinn is his middle name. He was born in the year 1986,  April, date 24 in Oregon. He is a versatile and lead vocalist for the post-hardcore band called Sleeping with Sirens together with Jack Fowler, Justin Hills, and Gabe Barham.  He is the owner of the clothing line under the name of Anthem Made. Before gaining the fame, he was singing in the band known as Closer 2 Closure. He is the one who helped the Sleeping with Sirens that produced the top Twenty US Indie Album of 2011 and in Let’s Cheers to This year.  After one year, they were able to release the song EP, If You Were A Movie, This Will Be Your Soundtrack.

His wife is called Katelynne and they have a daughter together called Copeland with two step-sons from his wife called Rowan and Liam. He had gauges with lip piercing. He is a Christian. His father is Jeuse Bostwick while the mother is Mary. He has two brothers and two sisters. He is the lead singer of his band and he like blue and green colors.

According to his bio, he played in different bands which are Our name in City Light, Screenplay and For All We Know. He is over 5’8’’ and he has 165 pounds. He had played the trumpet while he was still in the school.

Kellin Quinn’s parents divorced when he was still 3 years of age.  He is capable to beatbox well and he is a good friend to Vic Fuente of PTV. He loves to own Big Macs  and likes to put on Toms. When he was born, he was only weighing two pounds.

His daughter had been welcomed to the world by many congratulations with a large number of his fans.  When he tweeted about on her birth, it got 6000 favorites and retweets.  She was sometime been taken to the stages during the concerts of the Sleeping with Sirens. Her mother is Katelynne and she is a fashion blogger.

Sleeping With Sirens is the American Rock band originated in Florida and it is currently residing in Michigan. The band had been formed in the year 2009 by combining the members of Paddock Park, Broadway and For All We Know.  They are now under the signature of Epitaph Records and they have released four albums with acoustics EP.  The album Feel started at the no 3 at the billboard 200 and it was the fourth on the album Feel.  The group success is normally attributed to Kellin Quinn because of his versatility.  Kellin Quinn is known to have the vocal range of Tenor Leggiero.  The first album called with Ears to see and Eyes to hear started at the Billboard at Top heatseekers and at Top Independent Album.

Last Modified: May 10, 2020

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