Matthew Gray Gubler

Matthew Gray Gubler is a photographer, director and actor of American citizenship. He is also an editor, painter and model. He is well known for his role in the CBS’s TV show called Criminal Minds. He had also appeared in different movies like The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, Life After Beth, 500 Days of Summer and others.

Matthew Gray Gubler has  network of 1.5 million dollars and he got it from different media works. He started her career as a model.  A model agent found him when he was in the NYU film school. He had worked with other models like Tommy Hilfiger, American eagle and Marc Jacob.  He started to act in The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou movie and he got noticed and was given the role of playing Dr Spencer in the Criminal Minds show. From here, he appeared in different movies

Matthew Gray Gubler also makes film and he directed a movie called Claude: A symphony of Horror. This was his first movie.  He is a director, writer, producer and editor of Life Aquatic intern Journal of Matthew Gray Gubler.  He is also the director of The Cactus That Looked Just like a Man and Mathew Gray Gubler: The Unauthorized Documentary. He has directed some music video like Reagan together with Don’t Shoot Me Santa.

Matthew Gray Gubler is a painter and his painting can be found online on his website. People like his painting and they get sold at once.  He was interviewed for his painting in the year 2013 by Buzzfeed.

Moving in his private life, he was born in the year 1980, in Las Vegas of United States. He graduated in the New York Tisch school of Arts. He also attended University of California.  Matthew Gray Gubler has a large number of the fans and fans want always to know more about him. There was a time that it was said that Taylor Swift was his girlfriend because of the picture he posted when he was in the kitchen of Taylor in the year 2013.   It was said that Taylor had invited Gubler to have dinner on the Fourth of July. They were looking good together and the fans admired them.

He was also in the news while dating Kat Dennings who  got the fame from 2 Broke Girls. There are other girls believed that they were his girlfriend like Victoria Asher, Marisa Morris, Eve Wind but by now he is not yet married since he does not have a known wife.

Matthew Gray Gubler is tall of six feet and he is a handsome model and an actor. He won the heart of many people because of his gay-ish charm with the bold looks.  His weight of 82 kg suits his height. He has a hot body with cute chocolate looks which makes him to be admired by many people including the female mostly. He is active on social media especially on twitter where he interacts and uploads his pictures for his fans. He has also account on Instagram and Facebook.

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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