Mike Francesa

Mike Francesa was born in the year 1954 in the place called Long Beach of New York. He is a commentator on the TV and radio and he is very popular and got both the fame and the name in his career. He is known as one of the successful hosts and he hosts a popular show called Mike and The Mad Dog at WFAN. He has his podcast available online especially on YouTube.

He started to work at the College and Pro- Football Newsweekly and worked there for six years. In the year 1982, he got the offer from the CBS sports to start to work for their company in the capacity of researcher. While working there, he was working like the researcher because of his hard work with the knowledge he has about sports. He was then promoted to the studio analyst where he reported about football and Basketball College. ESPN wanted to hire him but he refused in the year 1991 and he left the CBS in the year 1993 to start to work for WFAN channel.

He joined the WFAN like host in the college basketball and football. As the popularity increased and he was getting the positive reviews, he got promotion to become the host of different programs. In the career, in the WFAN, he reached the peak of his success and he was recognized by different people. Because of her excellence, he was able to win the Marconi Award as the Major Market Personality for the year 2000.

Mike Francesa got the chance of hosting The NFL Now and it broadcasted in WFAN. He got a second Marconi Award in the year 2012 and it was in one category.  He is now working on CBS radio like a host in Mike’s On together with The NFL Now.

During her career, he met many obstacles and he was able to overcome because of the talents he has.  He has a presenting style that made him to be able to reach to high height. He has health problems like the surgery on the knees and the weight struggles.  He had played in different movies like Jim Brown: All American, Two Boroughs and Mantle. He has been married two times and he divorced his first wife. He is married to his second wife Rose whom he calls Roe. They have two children together.  There were some rumors that he is gay but there is no proof about it.

Now Mike Francesa has a contract of over 20 million dollars that will end in 2017. She gets over 5 million dollars as a salary per year. Even if there are no official reports, he is believed to have 4 million dollars as a net worth.

More information about him is available online and he has twitter account where his fans can follow him.

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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