Omar Gooding

Omar Gooding is the younger brother of Cuba Gooding Jr. Born in Los Angeles, 19th October 1976, Omar was born in artist family. His father is a singer in a band called The Main Ingredient. In his young age, Omar attended North Hollywood High School, Hollywood.

He appeared in several tv shows including the Wild and Crazy Kids, Playmakers, Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper and also played as Sweatpea in Ghost Dad and Baby Boy. He was praised for his role in the movie back in 1990. He made appearance in sitcom One on One as a barber. He also made a great appearance in Superfreak – an episode in Grey’s anatomy.

From April to July 2010, Omar Gooding played as Tuck Brody, a charge nurse in Miami Medical tv series. He also played in the 1st season of tv series Family Time aired in Bounce TV network. Before he appeared in TV series, he was a rapper with famous nickname, Big O.

As the son of successful parents, it was never easy for Omar to prove his talent. It could be daunting even more as the brother won an academy award for his role. The business ambition can be sensed in the family but Omar managed to climb on top with his presence in the tv series. He also made a shift after being the personality in Nickelodeon to a more serious act. He appeared as guest stars and also made feature acting debut with Bill Cosby. As one show ended, he quickly landed in another job until John Singleton recognized his talent and offered him to play a role in Baby Boy back in 2001. The praise was all his when he stole the public attention.

Despite his successful career, Omar Gooding was once sentenced to prison for 18 months due to weapon illegal possession in 1995. He was arrested after being found carrying a gun. Since 1990, he began to accept jobs in industrial films and also TV commercials. He also made appearance in educational shows.

Omar started the new millennium with his work on television industry. After playing Sweet Pea, Omar played in the Barbershop that was once starred by Ice Cube. The alternate between film and TV has made it easy for him to switch career in both industries. In 2005, he supports a movie, The Gospel and also miniseries called Mysterious Island by Hallmark Channel that also starred Patrick Stewart.

There was once in his life that he lived outside the spotlight due to the fame of his brother. Cuba Gooding Jr has made big bucks in the films and made appearances in various box office too. Although he may not be as famous as his elder brother, but Omar does a great job surviving in the Hollywood industry after landing in various jobs and managed to succeed.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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