Lenny Kravitz

Leonard Albert KravitZ was born in Manhattan, New York (United States) on May 26, 1964. He is an african-american singer, composer, songwriter, actor, clothing designer, interior designer.

He was an only child. His parents: His mother was a Christian African-American actress called Roxie Broker, which was one of the most influent American women her father was a Hollywood Producer called Sy Kravitz who was a Russian Jewish descent.

The family moved from New York to California when Lenny was only a 10 year old boy.


He always had a passion for two things: acting and singing, and he have been so blessed since he can work in both industries.


He worked in films such as:

1998- The Rugrats movie - as the baby (voice)
2001- zoolander - as himself
2004- Rebelde - as himself.
2007- The diving bell and the butterfly - as himself.
2012- The hunger games - as Cinna.
2014- Holy Ghost - as himself.

Singing (Albums):

1989- Let love rule
1991- Mama said
1993- are you gonna go my way
1995- Circus
1998- 5
2001- Lenny
2004- Baptism
2008- It is time for a love revolution
2011- Black and white America
2014- Strut

Personal life:

He got married on November 16, 1987 to Lisa Bonet. They have a daughter which is Zoë Isabella Kravitz, she was born on December 1988; she is an actress, model and singer.

Kravitz did not grow up in a religious environment; he decided to go to church after having a spiritual experience and became a Christian. He says that most of the best things in his life are product of his relationship with God; in fact he has a tattoo that says "My heart belongs to Jesus Christ".

His actual net worth is about $40 million dollars.


Lenny is a really good man, he has always been interested in helping other people; every time he performs in a concert he always donates part of the money to foundations.

He firmly believes in God and he also supports many churches that were needed money to continue; He has stated many times the most important thing in his life is God and then family, he says “Without God I would not be who I am today, and I would not have my beautiful family”

He loves nature, in his free time he is always sharing time with his daughter and his family, he also enjoys going hiking; he says it was something he used to do every weekend since he was a little boy.

Now he says he is happy with whom he is and even when he has made his mistakes, he says God’s grace is greater than them and he also says that is exactly what has helped him to continue with life. He went through a really hard time when he suffered of depression.

This season of his life was one of the hardest but yet he says it was just a way that God used to awake his spirit since he was doing things that were not right. For him his faith has been really important.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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