Jennifer Brennan

Jennifer Brennan is a shipper turned to celebrity. She makes money in an extreme way – by transferring products or shipping from places to places in various parts of the globe. When an ordinary shipper thinks it’s too huge or impossible, Jennifer comes to rescue.

Jennifer Brennan is a TV personality, playing in reality series Shipping Wars. She earns her money through shipping goods. The first good she delivered was horses. It was the first time she accepted an unusual job after college graduation. More jobs came after and she accepts any cargo shipment despite the difficulty. She has shipped unusual products such as goats and Ferrari. The cost is never cheap.

Some people call it scary but Jennifer finds it fun and challenging especially when it comes to the money she earns. She said it herself, “If the payment is good, then I would definitely do it.” Her positive attitude has earned her the most bizarre jobs and she is loved by her clients because she is dependable and reliable.

Most people would think the job is very unique as transporting livestocks are never in their mind but for Jennifer, this dangerous activity is fun. It seems that being an attractive woman is not enough for Jennifer. She needs to prove to herself that she deserves the fame.

In the Shipping Wars series, Jennifer earned a strong position that enables her to experience both, business and entertainment. Now, she is a wealthy woman with huge amount of fans in her social network sites like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. She likes to take pictures and share them on the platforms as she is pretty much a celebgram as well. With the followers of 32 thousands and is getting stronger, Jennifer has made her account verified by the site. Jennifer is now living a beautiful life with her fiancé, Todd Foster. She has 2 sons and is planning to have more when she becomes Mr. Foster.

When asked about how she ended up in this bizarre business, she thinks herself as being more patient than the others. Moreover, she also has the skill to serve customers. As a single woman, she tries harder than the rest and she constantly challenges herself to do more. An amusing fact is that while she transports livestocks, she actually gets more help of changing tires. Aside from her job, there are many difficulties such as being kicked by a came once. She doesn’t do her job with an assistance. She continues it on her own.

Why is she working so hard? She admits that all of the money is to secure her son’s future. She loves hanging out with her child besides going to the gym or swimming and horseback riding. Her strong passion provides her with an ample of energy to do what most women would refuse to do. In the future, she plans to build a non-profit organization for horseback riding therapeutic due to her love of horses.

Last Modified: Mar 14, 2020

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