Angelo Pagan

Angelo Pagan is known to be a salsa musician and also actor.  He was born in 1968 and he is of Puerto Rican origins but was raised in Bronx. When he reached 22 years, he went to California with potential and passion. In the college, he was given opportunities of working in different commercials and he started acting in TV series.

From his biography, Pagan started the acting career in 1989 and he appeared on the TV series known as Midnight Caller. In addition to this, he also made the appearance in different series that included The King of Queens and 24. He was in the Salsa Caliente which is a musical band. He did an album called Tengas Miedo in 2001. Talking about the personal life, he is married. He has two wives but he divorced the first wife. He had already 3 children with the first wife.  His current wife is called Leah Remini and she is also an actress.

Angelo Pagan with his second wife, they have a daughter. He is over the age of 45, he is tall of over five feet with ten inches. He is active on the social media and people follow him there but his wiki page does not have too much information.

Angelo Pagan is married to Leah Remini for the past 12 years and they have a daughter of 11 years.  Angelo is known to say that she likes her wife since she is beautiful, bold and brave.   The two met at Cuban club and restaurant in the Hollywood known as El Floridita.  They had a wedding in the year 2003 and it was filmed to be aired at VH1 special.  Remini made her own vows that were filled with the tears and laughs.  His band known as Salsa Cliente was performing at Club Circuit.  He was in the sitcom in which he was playing with Remini where Remini was Carrie. The play is about the husband Doug who died and Pagan who played Kevin James had to console his wife and he was already her doctor.  He is the star for the TV shows that talks about his family. The show is called Leah Remini: It’s All Relative.

The show shows how his family is full of the hugs, tears and laughs with the screaming.  In the show, a strong relationship that exists between Remini and Pagan is apparent at the screen. This is not the first time that their lives are featured on the TV since besides the wedding; his daughter birth is also featured at the VH1. He makes money through his Diner which he took over in the year 1999. He took over a well-known eatery called Vivian’s Millennium café. It is located in the Studio city of California and the diner is featured in some commercials. He has the net worth of 5 millions.


Last Modified: Mar 14, 2020

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