Kathy Hilton

Kathy Hilton was born as Kathleen Elizabeth Avanzino and later she came to be known as Richards. She is a philanthropist, Fashion designer and American actress. She is the mother to Paris and Nicky Hilton. Hilton is a daughter to Kathleen Mary and to Laurence K Avanzino. Paternal grandfather is Italian and she is also a mix of Scottish and Irish ancestry. When her parents divorced, her mother got married to Kenneth E Richards. With the new marriage of her mother, Kathy had two half sisters. They are Kylie and Kim Richards who are also actress. From his father’s side, she had five half siblings. She attended private school in Los Angeles and this is where she became the best friend of Michael Jackson up to the time he died.

Kathy Hilton started to act in 1968 and she retired in the year 1979. She appeared in The Rockford Files, Happy Days, Bewitched and Nanny and the Professor. For film appearance, she was in the Dark and she was on the air Live with Captain Midnight. She made a guest appearance as herself in The Young and The Restless.  In 2005, she was the host of the show called I Want to Be a Hilton of NBC. She was also called to appear in The World According to Paris.

Kathy Hilton met with Richard Hilton when she was still fifteen years and they got married in the year 1979. They had four children who are Nicholai; Baroness De Rothschild and hot actress Paris Hilton. Their sons are Conrad Hughes Hilton III and Barron Nicholas Hilton II.  Kathy Hilton and her husband live in Bel Air in Los Angeles.

In the year 1980s and also early 1990s, she was operating an antique and gift store called The Staircase on Sunset Plaza found in Los Angeles. She started to sell things on the Cable TV at the QVC home shopping network. In 2007, she started to sell the signature skincare line at HSN. In 2012, she had designed the collection for party dresses under her name and they were selling in four different stores in the entire world and these included Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus.

Kathy Hilton is known for the philanthropic endeavors and in the year 2007, she was able to raise the money for Make A Wish Foundation and she was requesting the celebrities to auction some of their belongings so that they can offer the proceedings to the cause.   In the year 2011, together with her two daughters, she got the award for the starlight Children’s foundation during the Stellar Night Gala in the Century City of Los Angeles. Together with her husband, their net worth 2015 was over 300 million dollars.  Her twitter is @KathyHilton.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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