Megan Henderson

Megan Henderson was born in Corona, California (United States) on February 19, 1975. She grew up in Southern California. She went to "Arizona State University" and she graduated from there with a bachelor's degree in broadcast journalism.


Megan was always passionate about journalism, she always wanted to be as the journalist she saw on TV; but not everything was that easy when going to the place she wanted to be.

However she started her broadcast career working at the CBS and NBC affiliates in Wichita Falls, Texas. She was also the anchor of the program "Good day, Utah" in Salt Lake City and it was exactly in 2003, before she joined the news program "Good day" on the "Dallas fox affiliate KDFW".

She also had the opportunity of working as the guest-host on many episodes of "Fox & friends". Then she decided to join the KTLA morning news it was in the city of Los Angeles, California in 2009.

She has been a successful woman since she started her dream almost 11 years ago.

But she is not only a successful host and journalist, she is also into acting. She has appeared in movies and TV shows such as:

2003- The Maldonado miracle
2005- Prison Break
2006- Big Love
2010- Country strong
2013- Iron Man 3 


Megan is a very kind and loving person, she is always interested in other people's needs; she never stops doing Good things for people that have not enough resources.

In fact she is active in several charities such as: "The children's cancer fund”, “races for the cure” and “make a wish foundation".

Megan loves her family, she loves to spend time with them whenever she has free time, and for her they are the people who will be there for her always no matter what. Also her friends always say she is a great friend, that she is always checking on them.

Current life: 

Even when her life was not perfect and she had bad seasons she says she is thankful for whom she is now. She says her life is surreal in these days, because she has done things she never thought she could.

Megan is actually working as a host in the weekend news for "KTLA News", she works from 4 am to 7 am; she has been really loved and popular since she started working for "FOX's KDFW TV.

Chris Schwartz is his current boyfriend, she has never been married. But she says one of her dreams is to get married one day with a beautiful white dress.

She also has the dream of having children, she wants to have one boy and one girl; she says being a mom will completely fulfill her life.

She is one of the persons that like to stay connected to her fans, that is the reason why she is always posting new things, pictures and quotes on her Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. She is always answering to the positive comments that her fans are constantly sending to her (on social Networks), she says that they are important part of her career.




Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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