Morgan L. Brennan was born in the early 80s in the USA. After High School she enrolled to New York University in the 2004 majoring in Social Science. She graduated with honor of Bachelor of Arts degree in Anthropology and Media Studies in the 2009. During 2008 – 2009 she also was a research intern in the Newsweek International in New York. In fact she was interested in business sphere from a very long time, since 2002, when she was studying at the High School.

She began her successful career of a journalist right after her graduation from College. She got her first experience in the Newsweek and it helped to her a lot. At her intern year she worked as a contributing writer, she also checked some facts and information for Company. Afterwards she becomes a Forbes reporter. During these times she becomes a very popular on media. At first Morgan Brennan began her career as a minor guest in the different of networks talking about economic problems and business ideas. She covered many things about estate and economics factors.

She also worked for the Fox News channel with economy analysis and personal finance. She was involved in such projects for Forbes like: Forbes Magazine, Forbes-Life Magazine and their popular site Morgan Brennan interviewed many billionaires and heads of a different state. She also wrote an informative report about policy leaders and owners of the most multibillion-dollar corporations. At the time on Forbes, Morgan Brennan also worked with satellite television network MSNBC. She leaved her work on Forbes in the 2013. At the same year on December, she joined to CNBC. A brand new step in her career was the most successful.

She worked hard to report about business sphere and the most interesting economy and finance topics. During the last years she was involved in different projects and shows on channel in the Day line-up about business. Currently she is still working in the Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey for CNB channel as a general assignment reporter. The most interesting works of her for the last years was "The results from FedEx" and "The First of the Russian Jets Deporting from Syria". In addition to her work on CNB channel she also appeared in TV series like ''The Filthy Rich Guide", which she joined since 2014 and "On the Money" in the 2016. One of the Morgan's story also appeared on the Forbes magazine cover as the main topic.

She is married to Matt Cacciotti on August 6, 2011. Previously Morgan and Matt were dating for a several years. Her Husband is a businessman, who worked for a New York Mercantile Exchange. Currently he is a self-employed worker. The couple also has a baby, little charming daughter. She was born on March 30, 2016. Morgan and Matt reside in New York City. Her total net worth is not revealed yet. Also there is no information about her amount salary.

Last Modified: Mar 12, 2020

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