Robin Vernon is an American television producer and actress. She is most known for being the producer and star of the reality TV series, South Beach Classics along with her husband and business partner, Ted Vernon.


Robin started to make money at a young age. She worked a lot of jobs to make money as an aspiring artist. She took on many jobs involving modeling because she was able to gain a footing in the world of acting. She got her first role as Roselyn in a small horror movie called Hell Glades in 2013. The movie tried to attract viewers by putting a group of beautiful woman in a dangerous situation. On Columbus Day, the group of young girls decided to go camping in Florida. One by one, they disappeared until one sole survivor was able to tell their story. The review received mostly bad reviews but Robin felt it was a good experience for her first film.

A year later, Robin landed a role in a similar movie called Bikini Swamp Girl Massacre. The plot was nearly identical to her previous movie as this time a bunch of girls in a bikini went on a vacation in the Florida swamps. Robin started to get annoyed by the roles she would land. She thought of herself as more than just eye candy. Since she wasn’t getting the roles she wanted, she decided to take the power in her hands and create her own TV show with her husband.

Television Career

Robin Vernon made her debut in the reality TV series South Beach Classics in 2011, which put her on the map in the entertainment industry. She produced the reality TV show as a joint venture along with her husband Ted. On the show, they are actively involved in the business and have an eclectic crew that they like to call The Gargoyles. They purchase, sell and exchange classic automobiles that are unique in the car market

Robin and Ted were co-owners of Ted Vernon Specialty automobiles which was the genesis of their transition into a reality TV show. On the show, the camera crew follows Ted as he searches for classic and vintage cars. The show then documents as the negotiation process as Ted either sells or trades the cars he finds. Most of their clients are small business owners, tourists, professional athletes, celebrities, and even royal leaders from various countries. The prices of their transactions range from thousands to millions of dollars.

Husband Ted

Robin’s husband is a former pro boxer turned into a producer and actor. The couple first met on a blind date. It was a game of chance when they first encountered each other. Robin was apprehensive at first because of the large age gap. She was almost 30 years younger than Ted when they first met.


Luckily for the two, their arranged meeting would flourish into many years of love and companionship. They took their relationship to another level and when they decided to move in with each other. The move was a great step for the relationship as they were able to get closer together and strengthen their bond. The couple eventually got married after spending two years in a loving relationship.

The show really struck a crowd with fans who loved the market of auto sales. One fan that was also a member of the industry named Peter Walker praised how realistic the show was, “Having been in the business the process is real. Ted and Robin deal straight with the dealers and the buying public. For those that don't know it is about making a profit and having fun. They are dealing in unique vehicles of which there is no real guide book. It's a question of the customers attaining that dream car and not feeling cheated. The selling and buying moves remain the same it is a question of how it's done. If you walk in any classic car store be prepared to research what a car might be worth whether trading or straight cash/ finance. Enjoy the car and develop a relationship with the owners. Having been on both sides of the fence if you want that dream car do it within reason, don't break the bank/your family and enjoy. It's a short life.”

Trouble in the Journey

On September of 2016, the Facebook page for South Beach Classics made an announcement that shocked and confused many fans. They stated that the new season would only feature Tom without Robin. Fans started to speculate about why Robin would not be appearing on the new season. They started to run with rumors that there was a big fight or that the couple had divorced.

Ted added fuel to the fire on November 14, 2016. He tweeted on his Twitter account that he would be hosting the show with a new co host named Christine Morris. Christine is a beautiful model and marketing specialist. This reveal really upset fans who were accustomed to seeing Ted with Robin on the show. The news sent fans to Robin’s page to ask her why she was gone. Robin did not publicly comment on her exit from the show. The campaign from the fans did not work as the show still went on without Robin.

The new season without Robin saw a decline in ratings. It was obvious that Robin was a main reason that the show had succeeded. People liked seeing her on the program because they enjoyed her personality. She was a good contrast to Ted’s personality and they both worked well together as a team.

On December 13, Robin posted on her twitter account that she had ended her relationship with Ted. It was a sad confirmation for their fans. She didn’t elaborate on the reason for the separation but there was speculation that it was either due to Ted cheating on her or because she could no longer handle the age difference. Robin deleted the tweet, leading to fans with the hope that the two had reconciled and gotten back together.

Last Modified: Mar 12, 2020

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