Amy Walter is a political analyst, journalist and also editor. She was a part of ABC News before becoming the national editor of Cook Political Report.

Personal life

Amy was born in Virginia in 1969. She is currently 47 years old. She is an American by birth. She completed her graduation in 1991 in bachelor of arts. Amy graduated from Colby College. In 2013, she married her longtime partner, Kathryn Hamm. Amy is publically gay. It is not known when she came out of the closet. Amy never gave out any interviews about finding out about her sexuality and coming out to her family, friends and public. Most of the information that we know about the couple is through Hamm’s site. There are no details about her romantic life before she knew about her sexuality. Amy and Hamm are together for more than 20 years. They first got married when the government was against same sex marriage. They kept their marriage sacred and got married again in 2013 with legal approval.

They met each other in 1993 through a mutual friend on Labor day weekend. They moved in together in 1995 after two years of dating and then got married immediately for the first time. They planned a garden wedding but, hurricane Dennis made them shift inside the house. They had a traditional wedding with all traditional features. In 2006, they adopted a male child. In 2013, when the same sex marriage was approved in Virginia, they had a small casual wedding at the courthouse.

Today, Amy and her husband Hamm live together in a committed and happy marriage. There are no rumors about any separation or problems in their life. Neither of them were married or engaged before meeting each other. Their past love interests are not known to media. Since Amy and Hamm are a little secretive about their childhood, there is very little that we know about Amy’s childhood days. After their gay wedding in 1999, Hamm started a site, You can find more details about both their wedding ceremonies and numerous pictures in the site. They do not talk a lot about their current marital life and their relationship with their son. It is assumed to be going as smooth as possible.


In 1997, Amy started working at the Cook Political Report. She has worked in Wall Street Journal, New York Times and many others. She also worked in many broadcasts including Washington Week of CBS, Fox News Sunday, Meet the Press of MSNBC.

Her work made her a part of CNN election coverage team in 2006. She received many awards for her works and the most notable one is the Crystal Ball award of Washington Post. She was considered as one of the top 50 journalists in DC in 2009. She previously worked as ABC News’ producer. She joined ABC News from Hotline and she also contributed for She was a regular contributor to many other programs and channels. Her future plans in her career field is not known to media. Her salary and net worth are not known to media.

Last Modified: Apr 10, 2020

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