Joumana Kidd is an actress and journalist. She is also famous for her marriage with Jason Kidd, NBA star. She stole the limelight of media during her divorce from Kidd too.

Personal life

Joumana was born in California in 1972. She was raised in the same city and got her degree in Communications. She married Kidd immediately after her graduation. She then moved in with Jason to New Jersey. She was initially a homemaker taking care of her son. But, she got her break in TV hosting. They both got married in 1997 and have three children together.

Divorce drama

In 2001, Joumana filed a case against Jason for domestic abuse. Joumana stated that he hit her in her mouth while they were arguing about their son. After pleading guilty, he was ordered to take up anger management classes and compulsory counselling along with $200 fine. In 2007, Jason filed a divorce from his wife stating that he underwent extreme cruelty. He also stated that Joumana had extreme jealousy, paranoia and also threatened him that she would file a false domestic abuse case. He also requested for a temporary restraining order.

He also submitted a series of photographs showing her anger outburst in public areas. He also stated that Joumana used their eight-year-old son to sneak out his cell phone to look up the numbers. He mentioned that she left her son (8 years old) alone in the locker room during a game and ended up shouting offensive words about him during the game. A month later, Joumana filed counter case stated numerous occurrence of abuse, even after the anger management classes. The most notable one was smashing her head into the car console.

Throughout the proceedings, neither of them fought for the sole custody of their children. In her counter case, she mentioned that Kidd was a serious adulterer. She stated that Kidd had affair with numerous TV reporters and also strippers from Arizona. She stated that she found his cellphone with numerous inappropriate pictures sent to him from various women. She also mentioned him as a sadistic drinker and gambler. She also mentioned that he hurt her while she was pregnant with her first child.

Life after divorce

Jason married Porschla Coleman in 2011. There are no details to whether or not Joumana married or dated after the separation. The final divorce settlements are not known to media as their lawyers refused to part with any information. Monetary settlements, custody battles and other settlement details are not known to media. Joumana went on to give out interviews about how Jason behaved during their marital relationship. There were no comments or answers from Jason for any of those interviews. She was not seen with any guy during and after the divorce proceedings.


She started her career as a TV host for Extra, a TV show. She covered many important ceremonies including Grammys. Recently, she was casted for Let’s Talk About Pep. She also made many appearances in Bethany Show and others. Now, she has her own show in NET TV. Her future and current career progresses are not known to media.

Last Modified: Apr 11, 2020

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