Sergio Garcia was born on 9 January 1980 in Castellon, Spain. He was drawn towards sports since his childhood. He started to pick gold up while still a kid. His father who was a spokesperson himself taught him the first lessons of golf. His father has played on the professional level in Spain and wanted to impart knowledge to his son. He started to learn the game at a very amazing pace and at just 12 years of age he won the club championship and became the youngest player to be selected fo the European championship. In 1999 he started playing at the professional level. His parents have always been supportive of him.

In the wake of finishing his tutoring, he moved to Madrid because of his grant. He was coached by a very skilled coach in his teenage. He took in a great deal from him. In 1999 began to play professionally on the European Tour. He got instant success on the tour and became the most developing player. In 2011 he began to play on the PGA visit that is the most elevated amount of new kid on the block title. He did well in that too. Later he moved to PGA title in 2011. He got to be distinctly one of the main three players to win a noteworthy competition in his first endeavor. He has played with the likes of Tiger Woods on the 1999 PGA Tour. On the Tour, although he finished second behind Tiger Woods but he won over the hearts of everyone.

His positioning soar from more than 100 to under 10 in a matter of a couple of weeks on the back of his noteworthy execution. He went from rivalry to rivalry learning and occasionally winning it as the time progressed. He has played with a segment of a perfect players of the redirection, for instance, Tiger Woods. At the start of his calling, he wasn't in an indistinguishable class from the restriction however following a couple of years he began to work at his bent and hinted at change. He won 6 PGA Tours and furthermore 1 Tour. In 2002 he won the Mercedes Championship. After few wins, his form started to degrade and so he took a break from playing. In 2011 he again came back with a great form. In BMW International Open he came second and was on the verge to end his winless streak.

There is very fewer data available for his personal life. He is currently married to his long time girlfriend. He is likewise extremely dynamic online networking stages. He can be taken after on Facebook well as Twitter. He likewise posts pictures on his Instagram account. He is an exceptionally amenable individual the same number of have frequently said. He appears to be exceptionally content with his better half and is getting a charge out of life to its fullest. His net worth are assessed to be around $120 million. His biography can be perused on Wikipedia. His current age is 36 years.

Last Modified: Aug 10, 2021

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