Cole Labrant became famous as one of three members of the Dem White Boys, a popular Vine Collaboration channel. He also opened his own Vine Channel and got over 6 million followers there. His thesupercole musically account has over 1.6 million fans and Instagram account has 1 million followers and over 350,000 subscribers to the collaborative YouTube Channel under the name of Cole&Sav opened with his girlfriend Savannah Soutas. Together with his friends and partners, John Stephen Grice and Baylor Barnes, they submitted the twerking video in the contest on Vine and it was launched for the first time, then Dem White Boys and they started to gain fame. Together with his friends, they signed the contract with Water Bluff Clothing Company in the year 2013.

He was born in the city of Tory in Alabama and he was born with a sister called Lily and Brothers Tate, Clay, Jack and Luke. His parents are Ken and Shiri and they met when they were 17 years old. He competed together with his mother in The Amazing Race 28. He started to date Savannah Soutas in the year 2016. Sometime his brother, Clay Labrant features in the posted videos.

Cole Labrant works on different subjects and he come to be known as a creative content creator. There are snapshots availabel on his daily life and the concerns on the immediate social circle, friends and family. It gives the people the glimpse in his personality and in the world where he lives. Cole Labrant is a confident person and he has strong convictions. He has the manner and the expression that is clear, ardent and heartfelt. He is not too afraid when it comes to try other things and he likes to venture away of the comfort zone. Cole Labrant is humorous and he makes part of his own jokes.

Cole Labrant has worked together with Vine Content Creator and he takes part in the contests that are being aired on this social media together with his partners. Cole is interested in modeling and he has signed the contract with Water Bluff clothing in the year 2013.

From his biography, Cole Labrant is known to have youthful charm and has ability of reaching to the viewers. He makes the viewers a part of his own life and his relationship. He is motivated towards his endeavors; he is engaging and has a warm nature. He is active on the social media and he keeps the viewers and fans up to what he is doing. He has a strong focus on the human relationships and he has a deep sense of conviction that makes him to be too attractive as a social media personality. Cole Labrant is known as a good communicator on the social media. He is still in college, his net worth is 2.5 million, and wiki websites does not have information about him.

Last Modified: Mar 12, 2020

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